17 Times Shiplap Made the Room

You’ve certainly seen it—but you may not know what it's called or how versatile it is. Shiplap is a series of grooved wooden boards joined horizontally to give a rustic, cozy appearance. While it has plenty of traditional looks and uses, shiplap is getting a makeover as contemporary designers learn to capitalize on its clean lines to enhance a variety of interiors.

By Andréana Lefton | Updated Dec 07, 2020 05:45 PM

Up and Away

Shiplap Staircase

Let your eyes flow down this staircase by Sunset Builders that makes optimal use of line and form. The diagonal lines of the staircase, paired with horizontal shiplap walls and vertical elements styled by Home Essentials, produce an effect that is both harmonious and unexpected.

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Blaine Johnathan Photography; Builder: Sunset Builders; Design: Interiors By..Home Essentials

New Tradition

Shiplap Kitchen

Can a kitchen be both modern and traditional? Yes, if you choose a neutral color scheme, maximize space, and play up a classic feature like shiplap. In this kitchen designed by Lauren Davenport Imber, a cozy area rug and comfy bar chairs are balanced with cream-colored cabinetry and bold, dark window frames.

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Emily Followill; Design: Lauren Davenport Imber from Davenport Designs LTD; Stylist: Eleanor Roper

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Beach Vibes

Shiplap Headboard

This beachy master bedroom gets its easy, breezy aesthetic from the custom shiplap headboard and navy, white, and coral color scheme designed by Lisa J. Hincher of The Good Home. Here's proof that you don't need to add a permanent shiplap feature to your home to enjoy the Cape Cod ambience that it can bring to your favorite room.

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Design: The Good Home Interiors and Design; Photo: Liz Donnelly at Maine Photo Co

The Right Note

Shiplap Staircase

Brown and white set a piano-like tableau for this shiplap-lined stairway by Morning Star Builders. A small desk near the foot of the stairs also brings the musical instrument to mind, while the patchwork floor covering, fiddle-leaf fig tree, and yellow accent chair add an artistic touch, courtesy of Chairma Design Group.

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Mike Kaskel; Builder: Morning Star Builders, Houston TX; Interior: Chairma Design Group, Houston TX

Light and Bright

Shiplap Bathroom

This bright, clean space designed by A Well Dressed Home blends geometric wallpaper with shiplap construction. Small details—the miniature topiaries and beautiful silver fixtures—add elegance and luxury.

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Nate Rehlander; Design: A Well Dressed Home, LLC

Contrasting Colors

Shiplap Wainscoting

Black Magic is the name of the dark paint color by Sherwin Williams used in this dining room by Greenfield Design and Shell Hunt Interiors, but it could also refer to the effect that the combination of shades produces in the eye of the beholder. The magic comes from just the right mix of dark and bright, cream and black, and contemporary and traditional.

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Greenfield Design; Interior Shell Hunt Interiors

Clean and Chaos-Free

Shiplap Entry

Shiplap can enhance even the smallest spaces, like this entryway by Alys Design. The clean white boards confer order and symmetry on a room that too often becomes a magnet for clutter. Here, everyday items and seasonal apparel are made beautiful by the blank backdrop and wire and wicker baskets.

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Lissa Gotwals; Design: Alys Design

Rustic Wood

Rustic Wood Kitchen

Natural stained shiplap has its own charms. In this kitchen, an urban ethos presides, with an industrial palette of steel gray and black and white, offset by dark wood walls and floors. Orange accents inject a little playfulness.

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Zillow Digs home in Portland, OR

Gray and Great

Shiplap Living Room

Shiplap doesn't have to be painted the traditional white or cream or left natural. This living room exudes a peaceful atmosphere with dove gray walls and white trim. Brown and blue furniture contribute to the sense of calm and warmth.

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Zillow Digs home in Palmetto, GA

Statement Ceiling

Shiplap Ceiling

Truly good design considers your home from every angle, ceiling included. In this house, a shiplap ceiling turns an ordinary sunroom into the heart of the home. Skylights, large windows, and wall mirrors enhance spaciousness and brighten the room.

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Zillow Digs home in Amagansett, NY

Mud-Free Mudroom

Shiplap Mudroom Kristina Crestin Design

A mudroom can get short shrift during home planning, but this space by Kristina Crestin Design is artfully outfitted with shiplap walls and space-saving features like wall sconces, stools for easier shoe removal, and hideaway baskets for storage.

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Jared Kuzia; Design: Kristina Crestin Design

Cut to Custom

Black Shiplap Bathroom

For this rustic bathroom, Van Note Renovations installed custom shiplap, while Birgitte Pearce Design provided the softer touches like the weathered gray-blue paint and fixtures that are wholly modern with a nostalgic look.

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Regan Wood Photo; Design: Birgitte Pearce Design

Outside the Norm

Shiplap Exterior

Shiplap isn't just for interiors—it can be used to dazzling effect as exterior siding as well. The wide white boards in this bold look by Urrutia Design are the perfect foil for thick, long-leafed plants and a black-painted door. The brick walkway adds an urban feel to this retreat.

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Matt Sartain Photography

Shared Shapes

Shiplap Powder Room

In this bathroom by Cameron Custom Builder, a dramatic mirror and gold sconces take the front seat while Shiplap walls serve as a handcrafted backdrop for the sharp-lined sink that echoes and accentuates the shiplap boards.

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Cameron Custom Builder

Shiplap All Around

Shiplap Dining Room

Can you ever have too much shiplap? Apparently not. This dining room, built by Boyer Building Corporation, is wall-to-ceiling shiplap construction. Especially impressive are the different tones used throughout: clean white in the dining room, warm red in the foyer, and dark chocolate floors overlaid by a camel-colored area rug.

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Builder: Boyer Building Corporation; Architect: James Dayton Design

Deep Blue

Shiplap Bedroom

Unexpected colors like dark turquoise can be paired with shiplap to produce a young, fresh look and feel. Dawson Design Group created a bedroom oasis with ocean-hued shiplap flanked by white walls and driftwood-toned wood. If you look closely, you'll see the white whale bookends that complete the nautical theme.

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Dawson Design Group

Coastal Flair

Coastal Flair

This room at the Coastal Club in small-town Delaware, designed by Susan Herring of Echelon Interiors, embraces the beachy vibes of white shiplap, with an elevated twist. When paired with crisp green paint, the wood-clad walls take on a more refined look and add to a sense of textured richness.

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Schell Brothers; Designer: Susan Herring of Echelon Interiors

Lap It Up

Lap It Up

Shiplap is still on trend. How can you use it in your home?


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