7 Ingenious IKEA Hacks for Your Backyard

Having a backyard is a luxury and lets face it, also a lot of work to keep it looking like the oasis you want it to be. You could spend a ton of money on planters and seating or you can flex your creative muscles and come up with some inventive DIY solutions. We've done a little of the work for you and found amazing ways to repurpose some of IKEA's classic products into backyard staples.

  1. A Smarter Planter

    DIY Planter

    This project might just be the easiest repurposing job ever. In order to convert this Tradig wire bowl into a planter, all you need to do is cut a coconut liner down to size, fill it with potting soil, and add your choice of greenery. Upkeep is simple, too—according to the creator of this hack, the metal stands up to the elements and resists rust!

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  2. Clean Tweet

    DIY Birdbath

    Keep your feathered friends happy and clean with just a few wooden dowels and an IKEA candle plate. Set the dowels into the ground with the help of a level to ensure the plate (and birds) can rest safely. It's only a matter of time before your winged visitors know you're open for business.

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  3. This Chair Rocks!

    Chair Makeover

    Even the most die-hard IKEA fan would have to admit—sometimes the hack looks even more amazing than the original. This revamped wood rocker is proof. After these Emmabo chairs succumbed to wear and tear, the frames were salvaged and sanded wood slats were added to give the metal frame a completely new look.

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  4. Table to Go

    DIY Table

    This clever DIY is constructed of not one, not two, but three IKEA products! Ekby Mossby stainless steel shelves were attached to a LACK table with Liquid Nails and L brackets, and a Drona storage box makes a handy place to stash odds and ends. This hack comes with a built-in benefit—the stainless steel top means you'll never need to use coasters again.

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  5. Ice, Ice Baby

    DIY Ice Chest

    This outdoor ice chest started as a TARVA three-drawer dresser. To make room for the cooler, this DIYer cut out the drawers, adding structural supports, and built in drainage to protect the furniture from rot and mildew. Find out how it's done at IKEA Hackers.


  6. Flower Power

    DIY Planter Box

    Here's an IKEA hack that doubles as a fun—a REAL flower bed! This sweet doll bed frame is the perfect vessel for storing pretty potted plants. To add a little bit of extra personality, try a coat of paint or some stenciling work.

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  7. All About the Base

    DIY Umbrella Stand

    Give guests a shady spot to kick back—without spending a small fortune on a table with a built-in umbrella. You'd never believe that this stand was created using a basic IKEA lampshade. It takes a little patience (and some poured concrete) but it's the perfect mold to ensure your umbrella isn't going anywhere.


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