Designers Tell All: Top 12 Kitchen Trends Revealed

Get the lowdown on today's most popular kitchen design trends from top designers Steven La Fonte and Kate Singer.

Trend Spotting

Beautiful Kitchen

With remodeling projects percolating across the country, kitchens are in the spotlight because a kitchen renovation improves comfort and function now—and resale value later. To learn about some of the top trends in kitchens today, we reached out to Long Island-based designer Kate Singer and Miami-based designer Steven La Fonte to get their insights. Here's what they had to say.

John Bessler for Kate Singer

Bright White Cabinets

White Cabinets

I still see a strong preference for crisp white kitchen cabinetry, even in traditional interiors, perhaps with a contrasting color on the island. 

—Kate Singer

Induction Cooking

Induction Stove

Induction cooktops are in high demand because they provide more consistent heat than gas. The “wow” factor with this type of cooktop is that it can boil a pot of water in 90 seconds! Even microwaves are becoming more stylish, with discreet stainless steel fronts and control panels. 

—Steven La Fonte

Bare Feet on Floors

Wood Floors

I have been doing a lot of wood floors in kitchens, more so than tile or stone. It's warmer and softer underfoot, and often seamlessly connects the kitchen to a great room and other areas of the home.

— Kate Singer

Lighting Up

Kitchen Lighting

No kitchen is complete until it is crowned with a beautiful light fixture. Try pendants or chandeliers made of shimmering glass or crystal for a touch of sparkle. 

—Steven La Fonte

Butler's Pantries

Butler's Pantry

I see a revival of the butler’s pantry in many homes. It’s a great connection point between the kitchen and dining room. It’s also the perfect spot for a wine or coffee bar, and for storing or displaying special serving pieces and place settings. 

—Kate Singer

Low-Divide Sinks

Divided Sink

I’m seeing a preference for streamlined single-bowl sinks in stainless steel in today's kitchen—and they have gone deeper. However, for consumers who want a double bowl, low-divide sinks are a great option because the divider's short height allows larger items to be placed in the sink with more stability.

—Steven La Fonte

Ultra-Functional Faucets

Industrial Faucet

Industrial-style faucets, like Dornbracht's "Tara," are modern classics that work well with most kitchen designs. Auto-touch sensors are also becoming popular—it's easier and more sanitary to pass your hands under the faucet to trip a sensor than to touch the knobs and levers. 

—Steven La Fonte

Espresso Bars

Espresso Bar

I see many clients incorporating high-end coffee and espresso bars with expensive commercial-grade European machines that make the most incredible lattes and cappuccinos at the press of a button. That’s luxury!

—Kate Singer

Quartzite Countertops

Quartzite Countertop

White or light-colored natural stone quartzites are in big demand due to the fact that they are even harder than granite but have the flow and veining of marble.

—Steven La Fonte

New Technology

Steam Oven

Steam ovens are hot items on the market. Today's consumer is becoming more interested in a steam-style of cooking, as a reflection of an overall trend toward a more efficient and healthier lifestyle.

—Steven La Fonte

Smart Storage

Kitchen Storage

Soft-close drawers and practical cabinetry features, such as platter and cookie sheet dividers, comfort-height plate drawers, built-in spice cabinets near cooktops, and a well-organized desk with cabinetry that conceals daily clutter are all popular requests among my clients now.

—Kate Singer

Illuminating Options

Kitchen Lighting

Task lighting has evolved over the past several years as LED lighting—both under-cabinet and recessed—offers more efficient illumination with less heat.

—Steven La Fonte

Steven LaFonte

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