Make Room for the Car: 7 Easy DIY Garage Organizers

The garage is more than a place to park the car. It is a storage space for lawn tools, sports equipment, and off-season supplies, and it often houses the home workshop. More often than not, the garage becomes a catchall catastrophe, inundated with clutter. If your messy garage needs organizational triage, read on to find out how others have reclaimed their spaces. With some basic materials you can DIY storage solutions that will serve you well.

What's in Your Garage?

Garage Organization Ideas

What's in your garage? If you're like many homeowners, there's probably a little of everything: seasonal items, cleaning products, sports equipment, and tools, with space for little else. Garages are more than an overgrown closet, though. Here are six DIY solutions to turn your cluttered garage into a functional space.

Up Against the Wall

Garage Organizers

You don't need to access seasonal supplies like camping equipment or holiday ornaments for most of the year, so it's best to store these items out of the way. Sturdy airtight containers will help protect your things from dust and pests, and storing them high on a wall rather than along the floor will keep your boxes dry in case of flood.

Bungee Cord Storage

Kids Storage Ideas

If you have unfinished walls in your garage, you can make use of the space between the studs. For example, using scrap wood or some 2x4s, you can build a clever ball storage solution. Attach two three-sided wood frames between two wall studs; put one at the base and the other about four feet higher. Drill one hole on each side piece of wood and two holes on the front pieces. Hook bungee cords through the holes, and you'll be able to keep your kids' playthings in order.

Simple Pallet

DIY Pallet Storage

The trusty repurposed pallet can be used to make anything from backyard sheds to coffee tables—but its shape makes it a natural DIY organizer. Simply pry off a few of the boards, lay the pallet flat against the garage wall, and fasten it in place. Now you have vertical storage for anything from skis to scrap wood to brooms and rakes.

Squeezed-In Storage

Garage Pegboard Storage

Pegboard is a great solution for any garage workshop. The small perforations allow you to hang almost anything. This slim-profile storage shelf from The Creativity Exchange is particularly well-suited for that narrow space between your car and the wall.

Cut to Fit

Tool Shed Storage

In a tiny garage or tool shed, organization can go out the window. Reclaim order with several pieces of angle-cut PVC pipe and a handful of screws. PVC pipe makes the perfect home for a rake, hoe, or cultivator. Screw in one piece of PVC up top and one at the bottom to hold tools in place. Label the PVC pieces to make sure everything finds its proper place after use.

Fold-Out Racks

DIY Bike Rack

Here's another way to convert unfinished walls into prime storage space. Simply cut these fold-out bike racks to size and attach to the inside of the wall studs. Screw in place a 1x4 or a piece of scrap wood to act as a stop for the rack. Find the full tutorial on Instructables.

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