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The 14 Best Tools for Conquering Ice and Snow

Make sure you’ve got some of these tried and true tools to help you combat the ice and snow Old Man Winter dishes out this season.

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Conquer the Battle of Snow and Ice

While winter does have its upsides—cozy fires, hot chocolate, snow days—for many of us, having to deal with all the snow is a battle of unpleasant proportions. Here, we introduce you to the best weapons to help you win the fight—the tools and implements that will help you vanquish the ice and snow in no time, so you can retreat back inside your nice warm home.

Ergonomic Shovel

True Temper’s 18-inch Ergonomic Mountain Mover Snow Shovel is great for both shoveling and pushing snow. Its ergonomic handle has an oversized grip, which makes this shovel easier to use, and puts less strain on your back. Available at The Home Depot; $25.97.

Back-Saver Attachment

If you already have a shovel you like, make it even better by attaching this removable handle that lets you grip the shovel in a hand position that’s proven to reduce back strain. The versatile attachment can work with many different shovels. Available on Amazon; $9.49.

Roof Rake

When snow melts and then freezes again on your roof, it can form ice dams, layers of ice that can damage your roof and gutters. Prevent ice dams from forming by using a roof rake. The Avalanche’s super-long handle and unique plastic sheeting let you do all the work safely from the ground. Available from The Home Depot; $142.99

Ice Scraper

The telescoping Snow Joe broom and ice scraper combo is the perfect tool to keep in your trunk during the winter season. Its 18-inch foam broom head will push snow off your car without damaging it. The telescoping arm allows you to access hard to reach spots, and the ice scraper on the opposite end makes switching tasks to clean your windshield easy. It comes apart for convenient storage. Available from The Home Depot; $18.44.

Rotating Snow Shovel

The Hart 18-inch Combo Snow Shovel has a 360 degree rotating handle in the middle of its shaft, which allows you to adjust your grip and reduce body fatigue. Lightweight, yet durable, you can shovel or push snow, depending on the circumstances. Available from The Home Depot; $49.97.

Sidewalk Scraper

The Ames 7-inch Forged Sidewalk Scraper will help you break up tough ice on walkways and paths in a hurry. In the growing season, it will chop tree roots and weeds. With a 15 year warranty, you can feel comfortable investing in this versatile piece of maintenance equipment. Available at The Home Depot; $23.98.

Telescoping Shovel

No other snow shovel fits so easily in the trunk of your car. The Suncast Telescoping Auto Shovel collapses for easy storage, but opens up to a full 38” handle when you need to move snow. The graphite blade allows snow to easily slip off, getting you on your way faster. Available from The Home Depot; $14.58.

Snow Blower

Of course, if you really want to win the war against winter, nothing beats a snow blower. The Toro 1800 Power Curve gets consistently great ratings and is praised for being tough but lightweight, and no harder to push than a lawnmower. And because it’s electric, you don’t have to mess with gas and oil. Available from The Home Depot; $286.99.

Snow Blower Cab

Protect yourself while blowing snow with Arnold’s Universal Cab attachment for 2 and 3-stage snow blowers. The durable clear vinyl and heavy duty fabric will shelter you from bone-chilling wind and snow. Available from The Home Depot; $63.98.

Ice Melt

Everyone should have ice melt on hand during winter, so they’re ready for nasty weather when it comes. Green Gobbler’s Pet Safe Ice Melt has a low toxicity level, making it safe for both our furry friends and for the environment. It will melt snow and ice in temperatures as low as -10 degrees Fahrenheit. Available on Amazon; $39.99 for 15lb pail.

Salt Spreader

The Spot Spreader allows you to sprinkle salt or ice melt for an even application rather than dumping a large clump in one spot. It adjusts for multiple opening sizes to accommodate a wide range of materials. As a bonus, it can double as a grass seed or fertilizer spreader during the growing season so you can get year-round use out of it. Available on Amazon; $21.80.

Snow Pusher

The Snowcaster wheeled snow shovel’s design makes it 50% more efficient than a traditional snow shovel. Its 36-inch wide blade and wheels allow you to push the snow without lifting, reducing strain on your back. Available on Amazon; $80.99.

Tire Grip Mat

Keep the Snow Joe Track Assist in the trunk of your car to get you out of a winter jam on the road. Should you get stuck in snow or ice, this mat provides a thermoplastic rubber traction pad to slip under your tires. It will also help you out of mud and sand the other three seasons. Available from The Home Depot; $24.33.

Sleigh Shovel

You can clear a lot of snow fast with Garant’s 24-inch Sleigh Shovel. Ideal for a long driveway, its wide, deep blade has a large capacity, and its ergonomic handle makes snow removal easier on your back. Available from The Home Depot; $58.97.