The 21 Sneakiest Storage Spots We've Ever Seen

In the quest to find room to stash all our stuff, we sometimes need to think outside the box (or closet or dresser). Make the most of the space you have with these 21 clever ideas for squeezing storage into surprising places.

  1. Slim and Smart

    diy rolling storage cart

    When it comes to finding extra storage around the house, every crevice counts. Narrow spaces—for instance, the gap between the wall and fridge—often go to waste. Take advantage of these nooks by building a slim rolling cart like this one, which Ashley from Simply Designing created for her craft supplies.

  2. More Than a Mantel

    mantel with hidden storage

    The mantel is a great place for displaying vases, framed photos, and other decorative items, but it can also be a source of stealthy storage. Behind the classic trim of this mantel designed by Covert Concepts lies a compartment that could be used to conceal jewelry or other valuables, or just the remote and a few magazines.

  3. Creative Outlet

    wall outlet safe

    Houses offer all sorts of places to hide your prized possessions, but the spots you come up with are probably the same ones thieves know to check. This electrical outlet safe, however, might fly entirely under the radar. Use it to keep cash, jewelry, and other small but valuable items hidden in plain sight. Available from The Home Depot; $8.37.

  4. Restrained Rack

    under cabinet spice rack

    You’ll be amazed at how much cabinet space you'll gain when you move your jumble of spices to this undercabinet spice rack. Made from sturdy hardwood, this space-smart solution will keep your spices organized and within easy reach. Available on Amazon; $84.95.

  5. In the Ottoman

    ottoman storage

    An ottoman is one of the most versatile pieces of furniture you can add to a room. Better yet, if you opt for an ottoman with storage, you not only gain an extra seat or a spot to put up your feet, but you also get a handy container for blankets, chargers, and other living room clutter. An ottoman in a neutral tone like this textured gray will fit in with a range of styles. Available from Target; $84.99.

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  6. Drawer with More

    false bottom drawer

    When you outfit a drawer with a false bottom, neither rummaging thief nor nosy child will have any idea there’s more in there than meets the eye. Follow this tutorial to make your own hidden compartment. via M3G

  7. Secret Garden

    diy hidden key holder

    Everyone knows to check for a key under the mat or beneath a planter. And though you can buy those fake rocks to hold keys, they're often pretty easy to spot in the landscaping. But if you craft your own hidden key holder, you'll be able to stash a key for those in the know without risking its being found by the wrong sorts. Follow this tutorial for turning an empty container into sly key hider that sits in your garden. via ashleyjlong

  8. Bed Skirt Storage

    bed skirt storage

    A bed skirt organizer tucks away books, glasses, slippers, and other bedroom must-haves, freeing up space both under and beside your bed. Its 16 clear pockets provide plenty of space for keeping what you need close at hand. Available on Amazon; $19.99.

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  9. Clock Safe

    clock safe

    Sometimes the best hiding spots are the ones right in front of you. To the casual observer, there's nothing extraordinary about this traditional clock, but concealed beneath its face is a shallow compartment with shelves for hiding valuables. Available on Amazon; $18.99.

  10. Not So Remote

    diy velcro control

    You'll never misplace the remote control again with this easy hack from Brie Brie Blooms. Fasten one side of a Velcro strip to the remote and the other side to an end table, dresser, TV stand, or any place you want to park your remote. Voilà! No more digging around whenever you want to turn on the TV or Roku.

  11. Space Saver

    diy freezer storage

    Your freezer may look like it's chock-full, but there would probably be room to spare if it were organized better. To make more space and bring a little order to your frozen foods, try using binder clips to hang bags of frozen fruit, veggies, and meat from freezer racks. Storing items vertically leaves space below for other foods.

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    Organized with a Side of Fabulous

  12. Hide Your TV

    Hide Your TV

    Bulky entertainment centers have fallen out of fashion as TVs have become lighter, slimmer, and wall-mountable. Still, not everyone wants to have to look at a big black screen when it's not in use. With this elegant update on the TV armoire, you can mount your screen on the inside of a pivoting cabinet door. Just flip it open when it's time to binge your favorite shows, then turn it back around when you want to focus on friends and family. Avid DIYers can refer to the full tutorial to re-create this attractive storage solution. via W_Richard_Lawrence

  13. Smart Book

    Book safe

    A book safe is a bit of sneaky storage you can add to any shelf or nightstand. While it may not thwart every thief, it will certainly slow one down. It's also great for stashing personal items out of sight when company calls, and keeping essentials conveniently within reach without sacrificing style. via crashzoom

  14. Ceiling Storage

    Ceiling Storage

    An unfinished ceiling in a basement, attic, garage, or shed opens up the potential for an ingenious, space-saving storage solution. Purchase plastic storage bins, outfit them with PVC handles, and then mount rails along the rafters to hold the bins in place. When you need the contents of a particular bin, just reach up and free it from the rails. This simple idea makes the most of typically wasted ceiling space and frees up valuable real estate on shelves and floor. 

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  15. Cover Control

    Lid storage

    If your kitchen cabinets are organizational wonders of well-ordered pots and pans, congratulations. This tip is not for you. But if all your cookware tumbles to the floor when you open the cabinet door, or if you can never seem to find the right lid when you need it, take note: You can strategically adhere Command hooks to the inside of a cabinet door to lock lids in place until you need them, freeing up shelves for tidy stacks of pots and pans. via Jayefuu

  16. Screen Be Gone

    TV storage

    If you can't—or don't want to—add built-in TV storage to your bedroom walls, mount the TV to the inside of a nearby bench or console table instead. Pop open the lid when you want to watch TV from the comfort of your bed, then close it to transform your room back into a restful sanctuary.

  17. Understair Possibilities

    Understair storage

    Don't let that useful space under the stairs go to waste. Put it to work in a way that suits your family and lifestyle. If you entertain frequently, install a bar beneath the stairs. Telecommuters may want to tuck in a miniature office, and dog lovers might set up a doggy domicile. You could instead go the traditional route and build a closet under the stairs, but for maximum efficiency, consider installing drawers that use every possible inch of space. 

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    Zillow home in Indian River Shores, Florida 

  18. Hidden in the Headboard

    Headboard storage

    To come up with convenient, easy-to-access storage in the bedroom, use your head—or, more accurately,.reach behind your head and go for the headboard. Storage headboards not only define and cushion the head of the bed, but they also offer a narrow strip of storage that can hold reading material or essential personal care items. Available on Amazon; $309.

  19. Behind the Mirror

    Mirror storage

    It's common to find storage hidden behind a mirror in the bathroom, but this freestanding full-length mirror carries the idea into the bedroom. Pull open the mirror to find hooks and ledges for storing jewelry, brushes, scarves, and more, then close it to check your look. Available on Amazon; $110.

  20. Conceal a Router

    Router storage

    This looks like a collection of prime summer reading, but it's actually just a row of spines hiding a router or another piece of necessary but unattractive hardware. The repurposed books are mounted to a U-shaped wooden box that cleverly sheaths your router. If your DIY skills aren't up to the task of creating your own, you can buy one on Etsy. via Covogoods

  21. Soda Storage

    Cooler storage

    Bring sneaky storage to your outdoor living area with a patio table that doubles as a cooler. Keep the top closed to use it as a low table, or fill the base with ice to create a drinks station that chills your favorite libations. Available on Amazon; $57.97.

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