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10 Alternatives to a Formal Dining Room
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What's the Best Color for Living Rooms? The Experts Weigh In
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Bob Vila Radio: Sunrooms
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Bob Vila Radio: Sofa Beds
Where would we be during the holidays without the sleeper sofa? Sofa beds of the past are notorious for being somewha...
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10 Essentials for an Authentic Home Movie Theater
Give theme-appropriate furniture and accessories top billing in your home movie theater.
Redesigning the Third Floor
Bob meets with architect Gregory Rochlin to discuss the third-floor structural redesign.
Installing Whole-Home Audio and Appliances
A whole-home audio system is installed, along with new appliances, including laundry machines, a freezer and fridge, and an outdoor grill.
Repairing the Chimneys, Installing a Gas Fireplace Insert and Completed Cabinets in the Basement Family Room
The house's two chimneys are repaired, allowing the installation of a gas fireplace insert, and basement family-room cabinets are completed.
Touring the Completed Basement Remodel
Bob meets with homeowner Sarah Monzon to recap the project, from the initial preparation to the renovations to the finishing touches.
Elm Court's Dining Room
Bob tours one of the Vanderbilt family's most elegant dining rooms. The Berles have restored the ornate plasterwork ceilings and cornices, which were the inspirat...
Touring the Blackwell Parlor at Winterthur
Bob tours one of Winterthur's most ornate rooms, the Blackwell Parlor.
Wall Stenciling, Continued
Artisan Ken Forcier are applying the second "layer" of the stencil he's using to decorate in the parlor of the modern Colonial.
Interior Trim Tips
Carpenter Bob Ryley and the finish carpenter install interior trim in the dining room.
Installing the Entertainment Center Cabinets
Carpenter Bob Ryley works with general contractor Kevin Kalman to install entertainment center cabinets.
Tour of the Mansion's Dining Room and Kitchen
Bob and Roxane Gilmore continue touring the governor's mansion in Richmond, VA. After enjoying the highlights of the dining room, the discussion turns to the kitc...
Demolition in the Upstairs Living Quarters
After the controlled demolition is complete, Bob tours the upstairs living quarters of the governor's mansion.
Dumbwaiter Installation
Peter Dolan (from the Atlas Elevator Company) and Chuck Bailey (from the Virginia Elevator Company) put in the brand-new dumbwaiter.
Tour of the Restored Living Quarters
Bob tours the finished restoration of the historic sections of the Virginia governor's mansion.
Tour of the Completed Loft Conversion, Part 2
Collaborating architect Lisa Shire accompanies Bob, as he continues his tour of the completed loft conversion.
TPO Rubber Slate Roof Installed on Victorian-Style Roof
A new kind of rubber slate is applied to the roof, and the crew brings the spa down on a special plywood ramp, then carefully places it in the turret for installa...
Tour of the Completed Workout Area
Bob takes a final tour of the home workout area, discussing the tub surround and the new exercise equipment.
Setting Up an Entertainment Center
Bob meets with Dan Drook to check out the new multimedia entertainment center.
Robert Barnwell Rhett House Tour
Bob tours a Georgian architectural beauty with twin octagonal parlors a few blocks away from the project house in Charleston, SC.
Tour of the Media Room, Kitchen, and Living Room
Bob and interior designer Robyn Peterson tour the finished, furnished California-Spanish beach house in Malibu. The media room has an Old West theme. The kitchen ...
Furniture Shopping
Bob goes furniture shopping at Sears with the homeowners and an interior designer. The homeowners pick out furniture for the dining room and family room.
Final Tour of the Interior, Part 1
Bob continues his final tour of the complete Wayland project house with the interior designer, who explains the thought process behind the furniture and color pal...
Final Tour of the Interior, Part 2
Bob takes a final tour through the nursery, office, kitchen, and family room.
Constructing an Insulated Floor
Bob helps carpenter-contractor Bob Ryley build an insulated floor so as to extend living space into the basement.
Installation of Paneling in the Basement
Refinishing the basement continues with the installation of wood paneling.
Building and Painting a Plate Rack
A plate rack for the dining room is built from scratch and is finished with a faux-antique paint job.
Choosing a Living Room Carpet
Bob looks around for a well-priced living room carpet.
Finishing the Basement Family Room
The circle-head window, and its accompanying window seat, are now finished in the family room basement.
Repairing the Dining Room Floor
Contractor Tom Forest repairs a hump in the dining room floor, then revives the floor’s maple finish.
Discussing Plans for the Basement
Bob joins architect Mike Morgan and general contractor Ron Gan in the basement of the coach house to discuss options for making the basement space useful and/or m...
Progress Report on the Coach House
Bob tours the completed living room and dining room of the coach house, then heads down into the basement to see the work that's been done on the heating system.
Interior Tour
Bob walks through the remainder of the renovation, admiring the details and faux-finish painting that continues through the kitchen, living room and dining room.
Cutting the Crud on Your Kitchen Cabinets More_clips
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