The Best Ironing Boards for Your Laundry Room

Smooth out pesky wrinkles in fabric with these first-rate ironing boards.

Best Overall

The Brabantia Adjustable Steam Rest Ironing Board on a white background.

Brabantia Adjustable Steam Rest Ironing Board

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Best Bang for the Buck

The Bartnelli Pulse Ironing Board on a white background with a blue square logo near that bottom noting its made the EU.

Bartnelli Pulse Ironing Board

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Upgrade Pick

The Ironmatik Space Maker Premium Ironing Board, an extra cover, and a hook and included screw set on a white background.

Ironmatik Space Maker Premium Ironing Board

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Whether you love to press clothes or not, an ironing board makes the chore much easier. Ironing directly onto a tabletop or counter is impractical and may cause damage to the surface. A well-made ironing board provides users with a cushioned, heat-proof surface and helps get the wrinkles out of clothes by allowing the steam and heat to pass through and escape to the other side.

The best ironing boards should be ergonomically designed, durable, and lightweight, making them easy to pack and store. Key features include weight, height, iron-rest availability, and overall design.

  1. BEST OVERALL: Brabantia Adjustable Steam Rest Ironing Board
  2. BEST BANG FOR THE BUCK: Bartnelli Pulse Ironing Board
  3. UPGRADE PICK: Ironmatik Space Maker Premium Ironing Board
  4. BEST EXTRA-WIDE: Bartnelli Pro Luxury Ironing Board
  5. BEST BOARD ALTERNATIVE: Houseables Ironing Blanket
  6. BEST ADJUSTABLE: Minky Homecare Ergo Plus Ironing Board
  7. BEST WALL-MOUNTED: Hafele Wall-Mounted Ironing Board
  8. BEST OVER-THE-DOOR: Polder Over-The-Door Hanging Ironing Board
  9. BEST TABLETOP: Honey-Can-Do Tabletop Ironing Board
  10. BEST REPLACEMENT COVER: Gorilla Grip Silicone Ironing Board Cover
A person ironing clothing on the best ironing board option.

How We Chose the Best Ironing Boards 

This list of recommendations showcases our top picks for the best ironing boards on the market. We thoroughly researched the best brands and models to provide shoppers with many options. We also spoke to professional cleaners who shared their knowledge and hands-on expertise to help us narrow our focus on the key features to look for in a quality ironing board.

One such aspect is the space users have at home to do the ironing. Muffetta Kreuger, founder of Muffetta’s Domestic Assistants in Larchmont, New York, recommends “taking measurements of the space where you plan to set up the ironing board,” ensuring that the chosen board fits comfortably in that area. With this in mind, we included a wide range of ironing board sizes, from oversize models to tackle large bed linens down to compact tabletop options when space is limited.

Muffetta also says shoppers will want to think about ironing habits. “If you iron frequently and need extra features, invest in a higher-end model,” she says. “If it’s for occasional use, a simpler board may suffice.” As such, this list includes several ironing boards with added features, such as specialized washable ironing board covers, additional steamer racks, and more budget-friendly no-frills options.

Our Top Picks

The following products are top picks for their overall portability, ease of use, surface area, and extra features. Read on for our shopping considerations, which can help consumers find the best ironing board with the right features.

Best Overall

Brabantia Adjustable Steam Rest Ironing Board

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Product Specs

  • Weight: 16 pounds
  • Iron rest: Heat-resistant zone
  • Size: 49 inches long by 15 inches wide by 29.5 to 38.6 inches high (adjustable)


  • Large size fits most items; great for sheets and linens
  • Adjustable height makes this suitable for most users
  • Available in multiple colors and patterns
  • Sturdy construction reduces wobbling


  • Sturdy construction makes this quite heavy to move around

The Brabantia ironing board is one of the top all-around picks because of its features and versatility. It’s slightly wider than average, giving ironers more surface area to tackle large clothing items and sheets. It also features an adjustable working height of 24 to 40 inches. This range is more than suitable for a variety of body heights.

The frame has legs made of steel tubing that are 35 millimeters in diameter, making it sturdy without sacrificing portability. It folds up easily and locks into place with a child safety lock that ensures it will not fold down accidentally. This ironing board features a heat-resistant iron rest zone perfect for safely parking steamers and regular irons. In addition to having a fun modern print, the cover is 100 percent cotton. It includes a cord binder and a stretch system that ensures the surface remains taut for an even smoother ironing experience.

For a basic board, the Brabantia is pricier than others on this list, but its main selling point is its durability. This ironing board is a good investment that can last for years.

What our tester says: Glenda Taylor, Bob Vila writer and product tester, says about this ironing board: “I found the Brabantia ironing board simple to open and close, plus it’s super stable. The board portion offers plenty of room for ironing large items, and the iron-resting tray allows me to set the hot iron down without fear of scorching anything.” Get the Brabantia ironing board at Amazon, Lowe’s, The Home Depot, Wayfair, or Williams Sonoma.

Best Bang for the Buck

Bartnelli Pulse Ironing Board

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Product Specs

  • Weight: 7 pounds
  • Iron rest: None
  • Size: 43 inches long by 13 inches wide by 35 inches high


  • Nonstick steel legs with protective feet
  • 4-layer tabletop provides a smooth and cushioned ironing surface
  • Push-button collapsible design is easier to fold and unfold
  • Locking lever keeps it sturdy and stable during use


  • Lightweight construction can feel less sturdy when ironing larger items

This Bartnelli board gives users an ironing area of 43 inches long by 13 inches wide to accommodate small clothing items. It also features a collapsible steel frame with wide, nonstick legs and protective feet. A four-layer foam, fabric, felt, and cotton platform allows clothes to drape smoothly and avoid sticking. The board has a convenient built-in hanging hook and a push-button collapsing design to take the work out of folding and unfolding.

Given its size and materials, this ironing board is lightweight at 7 pounds and easy to store. It collapses neatly and features a handy locking lever that keeps the iron table folded when stored or transported.

Get the Bartnelli Pulse ironing board at Amazon.

Upgrade Pick

Ironmatik Space Maker Premium Ironing Board

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Product Specs

  • Weight: 22.6 pounds
  • Iron rest: Large pull-out tray with additional accessory tray
  • Size: 49 inches long by 16.5 inches wide by 24.5 to 37 inches high


  • Includes every extra feature imaginable in an ironing board
  • Additional accessory tray useful for storing spray bottles, phones, and drinks
  • Very thick cover provides a smooth surface for the iron to glide on
  • Users can hang their ironing on the included wire underneath the board


  • Significantly pricier than other boards due to the additional features

Shoppers with stacks of ironing every week may wish to invest in an ironing board that offers some additional features to streamline the process. This pick from Ironmatik delivers a superbly thick and smooth padding constructed from several layers of felt, foam, and cotton over a metallic mesh to allow smooth gliding of the ironing while still allowing the steam to travel all the way through the board. The Ironmatik also comes with an extra cover.

It includes a large iron tray to house regular and steam irons, boasting additional space for spray bottles, mobile devices, or holding a drink. Users will also appreciate the wire beneath the board for hanging clothes once ironed.

Six height options adjust from 24.5 inches to 37 inches high, and the sturdy legs have rotating foot covers that help stabilize the board. The two front wheels allow users to roll the board in place instead of lifting what—at 22.6 pounds—can be quite a heavy ironing board.

Get the Ironmatik ironing board at Amazon or Ironmatik.

Best Extra-Wide

Bartnelli Pro Luxury Ironing Board

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Product Specs

  • Weight: 19 pounds
  • Iron rest: Metal tray with wire support
  • Size: 51 inches long by 19 inches wide by 30 to 38 inches high


  • Very sturdy ironing board; little to no wobbling
  • Extra padding for a smoother ironing surface
  • Wider board makes ironing quicker and easier


  • Iron rest may feel less sturdy for heavier irons
  • Larger size takes up additional storage space

When standard ironing boards aren’t adequate for ironing sheets, curtains, or quilts, it’s time to go wide. The Bartnelli Pro gives users 51 inches long by 19 inches wide of ironing space to help accommodate larger items.

It also features an extra-thick 100 percent cotton cover and thick foam that will withstand the heat from the iron while allowing steam to pass through and evaporate. The board has an iron rest and a rack to hang pressed clothing. It’s also built to last. The board has heavy-duty wide legs designed to help keep it in place without wobbling.

Given its size and materials, this ironing board is heavy and harder to store. However, it does collapse neatly and features a handy transport lock that keeps the iron table folded when stored or transported. If users routinely iron large items and have space, they’ll want to consider this pro-level ironing board.

Get the Bartnelli Pro ironing board at Amazon.

Best Board Alternative

Houseables Ironing Blanket

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Product Specs

  • Weight: 1.17 pounds
  • Iron rest: None
  • Size: 32.5 inches long by 18.25 inches wide


  • Lightweight and versatile; works on multiple surfaces
  • Much more compact and easy to store than a traditional ironing board
  • Can turn any flat surface into an ironing board; great for travel


  • Raised quilted surface is not smooth; difficult to achieve crisp edges

An ironing blanket will transform any flat surface into an ironing board for occasional ironing or while traveling. The Houseables ironing blanket is specially designed to work on metal surfaces. It’s made from heat-resistant polyester/cotton fabric with a heavy-duty magnet in each corner that helps weigh the blanket down and securely hold it in place on metallic surfaces.

The ironing blanket is a clever alternative to traditional ironing boards. It’s perfect for travelers, RVers, or anyone living in a small living space that cannot accommodate a full-size ironing board. Its compact size will make ironing larger items difficult, but its versatility makes it a good choice to have as a backup for road trips or use if ironers don’t feel like bringing out the full-size board.

Get the Houseables ironing blanket at Amazon or Walmart.

Best Adjustable

Minky Homecare Ergo Plus Ironing Board

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Product Specs

  • Weight: 16.32 pounds
  • Iron rest: Metal tray, with additional wire rack below for steam irons
  • Size: 48 inches long by 15 inches wide by 36.2 inches high


  • Heat reflective mesh cover helps speed up ironing
  • Ergonomic design; adjusts easily to multiple heights
  • Additional rest for steam units underneath and out of the way


  • No right angles to help with ironing

The Minky Homecare ironing board is designed to make ironing enjoyable. Its shape allows users to stand in a comfortable position, and it features many levels of adjustments to find the right height for comfort.

The board’s cover features heat-reflective properties that speed up the ironing process. Underneath the cover is a mesh design that allows moisture to escape effectively and gives users a faster finish. The board also includes an iron rest that is designed for use by left- or right-handed people.

The board’s attractive and ergonomic design makes it stand out from other ironing boards. The one downside is that there are no 90-degree corners to use on the board when ironing clothing, which may be a deal-breaker for ironing pros.

Get the Minky Homecare ironing board at Amazon, The Home Depot, or Walmart.

Best Wall-Mounted

Hafele Wall-Mounted Ironing Board

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Product Specs

  • Weight: 22.3 pounds
  • Iron rest: None
  • Size: 37.37 inches long by 11.88 inches wide


  • Sturdy once installed; no wobbling
  • Folds into a small space; great for small apartments or dorms
  • Can swivel 180 degrees to help users find a better angle to iron


  • No iron rest; space can be limited when ironing larger items
  • Installation can be troublesome; likely need to find wall studs for more stability
  • Not height adjustable once installed

If shoppers have a dedicated laundry room, they’ll want to consider installing a wall-mounted ironing board to help make the space more efficient. A wall-mount board is a full-size ironing board attached directly to a wall. It’s designed to fold and pack away efficiently without occupying floor space.

The Hafele board doesn’t just fold down like an ordinary board; it can rotate 90 degrees right or left, depending on the user’s needs when ironing. It is slightly smaller than a standard ironing board, but it’s big enough to accommodate most ironing needs. The board needs to be mounted on wall studs to ensure stability. It’s also more expensive than a standard board. However, if shoppers want a space saver, Hafele’s wall-mounted board is a good option.

Get the Hafele ironing board at Amazon.

Best Over-The-Door

Polder Over-The-Door Hanging Ironing Board

See It

Product Specs

  • Weight: 9 pounds
  • Iron rest: None
  • Size: 42 inches long by 14 inches wide


  • Great storage-saving idea for homes with limit closet space
  • Just 1.25 inches thin when stored against the door
  • Very easy to install and sturdy during use


  • Not height adjustable; depends on the height of the door
  • Does not include an iron rest

Those strapped for storage space may need to get creative when finding space for an ironing board. Shoppers could consider an over-the-door ironing board like this one from Polder and save space in the closet. It hooks onto doors up to 1.5 inches thick and folds out into an ironing board that measures 42 inches long by 14 inches wide. The included cotton cover also boasts a 7-millimeter-thick foam layer for extra padding, which provides a smooth ironing surface.

Pull down the board until it snaps into place, and then use it as a regular ironing board. Rubber feet help grip onto the door to prevent movement during use. Once the ironing is done, flip the board back up, and it stays flat against the door.

Get the Polder ironing board at Wayfair.

Best Tabletop

Honey-Can-Do Tabletop Ironing Board

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Product Specs

  • Weight: 2.18 pounds
  • Iron rest: Retractable wire rack
  • Size: 32 inches long by 12 inches wide by 6 inches high


  • Space-saving ironing board; great for small apartments
  • Rubber-tipped legs reduce wobbling and sliding
  • Folds flat for even more compact storage


  • Small surface not great for ironing large items

A tabletop ironing board is perfect for users who lack the space for a full-size board. Tabletop boards are compact and designed for portability and efficiency. Honey-Can-Do’s tabletop board includes a retractable iron rest and legs that lift the board about 6 inches above a tabletop. That added height makes the board more efficient than having it low to the table.

Its surface area is small, but it still gives ironers enough area to iron a shirt or pair of pants. The board also folds completely down for easy storage. It’s moderately sized and priced and the perfect portable solution for ironing almost anywhere.

Get the Honey-Can-Do ironing board at Amazon or The Home Depot.

Best Replacement Cover

Gorilla Grip Silicone Ironing Board Cover

See It

Product Specs

  • Weight: N/A
  • Iron rest: None
  • Size: 54 inches long by 15 inches wide


  • A suitable replacement for standard-size boards
  • Nonslip silicone coating great for keeping fabric in place
  • Heat reflective surface helps iron both sides at once; cuts down on ironing time


  • Iron won’t glide smoothly on the silicone surface itself

Shoppers looking to replace a tired old cover for their otherwise perfectly functioning ironing board might want to consider this durable option from Gorilla Grip. Not only does the silicone coating resist scorching and help hold clothes in place to prevent slipping, but it also acts as a heat-reflective surface to effectively iron both sides of a garment simultaneously.

The Gorilla Grip ironing board cover measures 54 inches long by 15 inches wide, so it can fit any standard-size ironing board using elastic edges and a hook-and-loop fastening system to keep it secure during use. Users will also appreciate the thick padded surface to create a smoother and more comfortable surface to iron on. This cover is available in a wide variety of colors and patterns

Get the Gorilla Grip ironing board cover at Amazon, Walmart, or Gorilla Grip.

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The Brabantia Adjustable Steam Rest Ironing Board set up in a laundry room with a towel on it, an iron, and a wicker basket with laundry on the floor.
Photo: Glenda Taylor for Bob Vila

What to Consider When Choosing an Ironing Board

Just because all ironing boards function the same way doesn’t mean they are all cut from the same cloth. Ironing boards have a few distinguishing features that set them apart and can help users upgrade their laundry space. Deciding which features are most important will help shoppers pick the best ironing board. Here are some to take into consideration when choosing an ironing board.

Types of Ironing Boards

Although all ironing boards function similarly, there are different types of boards to consider. The space, frequency of ironing, and types of items that are pressed the most determine the best style for a consumer’s needs. Three types of ironing boards exist: freestanding models, compact table boards, and built-in ironing boards.


Freestanding or portable boards are the classic type of ironing board. They are usually made of metal with a cushioned fabric top. This type of ironing board is designed to be both sturdy and lightweight. They will not collapse while ironing and are easy to move around.

Freestanding boards have an adjustable height mechanism. This allows ironers to adjust the height to suit their body size, whether sitting or standing. Freestanding boards are available with accessories like iron rests and clothing racks, but base models are usually less expensive. These boards are long and can be somewhat cumbersome to set up, but they do fold up flat, making them easier to carry and store.


Compact or tabletop ironing boards have short legs and are designed to sit on a table or counter. These ironing boards are popular for those who live in small homes or apartments because they are easy to carry around and set up in a confined space. They are also inexpensive.

The main disadvantage of compact boards is they are usually too small to allow ironers to place large garments or items properly on the board. Another option is an ironing blanket, which is a padded, heatproof surface that users can fold and put away. Compact boards and ironing blankets are perfect for crafting applications such as patchwork and sewing because they are extremely portable and do not take up much space. Some compact boards feature collapsible legs, which is great for storage, while others have stationary legs, which will limit where users can stow the board.


Built-in or wall/door-mounted boards fold out from the wall or door. This type of ironing board is particularly convenient in smaller houses or apartments where space is limited, as it can be stored flat against the wall or door. Wall-mounted ironing boards can also be installed in confined areas, such as walk-in closets. The main advantage of a built-in board is that once installed, it takes only a few seconds to open or put it away. There’s no need to carry it, set it up, or store it away. It does limit where a user can iron, but if the owner always irons in the same place, that’s not an issue.

Surface Area

A standard ironing board surface is about 48 inches long by 14 inches wide. This size is good for most ironing jobs. Sometimes, users need more surface area to iron large items such as sheets or curtains. Large-area boards can be up to 56 inches long by 19 inches wide. However, the more surface area there is, the tougher it is to store the ironing board in small homes or apartments. Wide ironing boards are favorite picks for quilters because the extra space allows them to iron quilts easily.

Type of Cover

Ironing boards always come with a cover. The cover provides padding and a smooth surface for clothing, and it helps make ironing more efficient. Some covers even have a nonstick coating to help the iron glide over clothes effortlessly.

The cover also keeps bolts and screws on the board from poking through to the clothes. Some covers are thicker than others. If buyers are unhappy with the cover the board came with, they can always purchase a cover separately. The thicker the cover, the more comfortable the ironing process is.


Ironing boards are generally lightweight for portability. If users need to move the ironing board around the home often, they’ll want to ensure that the selected model allows them to do this easily. Most ironing boards have metal frames, but some are made of plastic.

Lightweight boards may have better portability but may also be less durable. Heavier boards are more stable but harder to move around. The ideal ironing board should have a reasonable weight to ensure sturdy construction but be light enough for ironers to maneuver easily.


A board’s minimum and maximum working height are essential for many people, especially if they are taller or shorter than average. If the ironing board is too tall, it makes ironing difficult and impractical, and ironing boards set too low can cause back pain.

Most ironing boards offer a maximum height of 37 to 38 inches. This height range works for most people, but those who are exceptionally tall may want to consider a board that can adjust higher.

Iron Rest Zone

Ironing boards with a customized area to rest a hot iron can maximize the boards’ workspace and help avoid accidental burns. If a board doesn’t have such a rest, the user must stand the iron upright to avoid burning the board’s surface. Many modern ironing boards have an iron rest.

The iron rest zone gives users a place to store the iron safely when it’s hot so it isn’t at risk of toppling over. Look for an iron rest that prevents a hot iron from tipping over while it sits in place.


With the exception of a built-in board, portability is one of the most important features of an ironing board. They are made to easily fold up, move from room to room, and pack away for storage. Tabletop models are made for portability, which is why they are popular with apartment dwellers and college students. Pair this with a cordless iron for a flexible ironing setup that requires little space and won’t limit users to working near an outlet.

Freestanding models are designed for portability as well. They are easy to set up, collapse, and move. If users move a board a lot, they’ll want to make sure it’s made of lightweight metal or plastic and folds down easily. Those who iron a lot will want to get a freestanding model for the surface area, but a tabletop model should suffice for those who iron only once in a while.

Storage Options/ Dimensions

No matter the size or type of ironing board selected, shoppers will need to find a place to store it. Freestanding models are designed to collapse, with the legs of the board folding neatly inside the top. They usually collapse into a thin-enough profile to fit snugly behind a door or closet without taking up much space.

Tabletop boards have either collapsible legs or stationary legs. Collapsible legs allow easy, low-profile storage, similar to a freestanding model. Stationary legs make it harder to stow away a tabletop board, but these are generally small enough to fit on an upper shelf in a closet or under a bed.

Built-in boards need a dedicated space along a wall or behind a door. Although they are designed to have a slim profile, they do protrude a few inches from the wall or door when mounted. However, these ironing boards do not take up floor space because they are mounted.


Ironing boards will make it easier for you to iron your clothing. Here are some common questions and answers about the care and use of ironing boards.

Q. What size of ironing board is ideal?

The ironing board size you need depends on the amount of clothes you iron, the types and sizes of household items you iron, and your space. Generally, freestanding boards are the most versatile regarding surface area and portability.

Q. Is it worth getting a separate ironing board for sleeves?

A sleeve extension feature is great if you iron many shirts with sleeves. Although it comes in handy to get wrinkles out of sleeves, that extra feature does make the ironing board harder to store.

Q. How should you clean the ironing board cover?

You’ll want to wash an ironing board cover regularly to keep debris from transferring to clothing. Most covers are machine washable and safe for the dryer. Read the care instructions for a cover before washing.

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