Bob Vila Radio: Candle Safety

Fires injure 2,600 people in the US and cause nearly a billion dollars in damage each holiday season. A lot of those fires are caused by lit candles that are knocked over, misused, or just forgotten.

Candle Safety



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For a great alternative to candles, LED votives are pretty realistic, and some of them even flicker like a real flame.

If you do use real candles, put them where they won’t be knocked over in holders that were meant for candles. Improvised containers can melt, ignite, or explode.

Tea lights or self-extinguishing, dripless tapers are great, because they’ll put themselves out before guttering and making a mess.

Try setting a timer when you light a candle so you don’t forget about it, and never leave the house or go to sleep while candles are lit.

Make sure you have fire extinguishers and working smoke alarms on every floor of your home, and check their batteries every six months.

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