Bob Vila Radio: Drywall Types

Everybody calls it sheetrock, but the generic name is drywall and it comes in various thicknesses and sizes.

Drywall Types


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For interior walls, half-inch works fine but won’t stand up to heavy abuse. Five-eighths-inch is required for fire walls in garages and basement entries.

“Blueboard” is specially made to receive skimcoat plaster, and standard paper-faced drywall is grey and comes in 4×8 or 4×12 sheets, designed to make it easy to cover from stud to stud with minimal cutting.

Fiberglass-faced drywall can help prevent mold problems in basements and bathrooms. It finishes just like paper-faced drywall… without providing food for mold.

Behind tile, it’s important to use cement board. It’s denser, waterproof and faced with fiberglass mesh that won’t degrade or grow mold when it gets wet. In the past, some builders used “green board” in bathrooms, but time has shown that it’s not a good substitute for cement board.

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