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5 Things to Do with… Washi Tape

Colorful, playful, versatile, and extremely fun to work with, washi tape can transform almost anything. Experience the joy of washi for yourself by trying one of these quick and entertaining projects.

Washi tape: It’s a little like masking tape, but it’s a lot more fun than masking tape could ever be. Readily available in craft stores for about $3 per spool, washi tape comes in countless colors and patterns, and in widths ranging from mere millimeters to several inches. The sheer variety inspires do-it-yourselfers to use the versatile adhesive in ever more inventive ways. Scroll down now to see five of our favorite washi tape projects gathered from around the wild-for-washi Web!


Washi Tape Projects - Mantel

Photo: remodelaholic.com

As easy as washi tape projects are to complete, they are even easier to undo. So if you’re hosting a party, don’t be hesitant to decorate permanent elements of the home with washi tape befitting the occasion. A red, white, and blue design on the fireplace mantel, for instance, can add fun and festivity on Independence Day.


Washi Tape Projects - Drink Umbrellas

Photo: lebenslustiger.com

Enliven any libation with a cocktail umbrella whimsically adorned in pretty-patterned or pastel-colored washi tape. Party supply stores sell the basic white umbrellas you need to get started. Simply apply the tape outwards from the center of each umbrella. There’s no need to be super neat; it’s really the thought that counts.


Washi Tape Projects - Outlet Cover

Photo: cdgsdesigns.etsy.com

In a world where there’s washi tape, why settle for a plain, white plastic outlet cover? It’s just so easy to transform these ubiquitous, utilitarian objects into charming, eye-catching home accents. To decorate yours, cover the entire plate in washi tape, then cut out the necessary holes with your trusty utility knife.


Washi Tape Projects - Phone

Photo: higorgeous.nl

One of the many reasons we love washi tape projects is that they enable you to personalize virtually anything—and that includes your smartphone. Rather than apply the tape directly to your phone, insert a piece of cut-to-size card stock between. You’ll never again mistake a friend’s phone for your own, that’s for sure!


Washi Tape Projects - Eggs

Photo: lovelyindeed.com

With weeks left before Easter this year, you may be looking for creative ways to celebrate the holiday that do not involve colorful hand- or clothes-staining dyes. The mess-free answer might be washi tape, which you can cut into thin strips, mini shapes, or pint-size polka dots and then use to decorate room-temperature eggs.