Easy Grass Alternatives

for Your Lawn

Drought-tolerant options include buffalo grass, Bermuda grass, bahiagrass, and blue grama.

1. Native Turf Grasses

Gravel mulch is effective around plants that love heat and can tolerate low water.

3. Gravel

Amazingly, bugleweed can grow in spots with full sun, but it actually performs better in shade.

5. Bugleweed

Organic mulches like cedar or pine bark chips can replace grass quite easily for a rustic ground cover.

6. Mulch

Stamped concrete, patio pavers, or natural stone can create a stunning and functional space.

8. Hardscaping

The rugged simplicity of the rocks will contrast nicely with the vibrant blooms, creating a one-of-a-kind backyard feature.

10. Rock Garden

Put some patio furniture together and make a second living room, build a dedicated fire pit, or install an outdoor kitchen.

12. An Outdoor Living Space

Irish moss (Sagina subulata) grows rapidly to form a dense, low mat of green foliage along the ground.

13. Moss-like Spreaders

Most are drought-tolerant, many are native, and they provide winter interest as their stems fade but “flowers” (seed stalks) remain to blow in the wind and feed birds as temperatures drop.

15. Ornamental Grasses

One of the drawbacks of removing a lawn is that it also takes away cooling effects on the yard. Offset it with a vertical oasis of trees, which also offer privacy, shade, wind breaks, and even air purification.

16. Appropriate Shade Trees

A container garden is a good alternative to a lawn in areas where conditions change as summer progresses.

18. Container Garden

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