The 12 Biggest Landscaping Trends  

for 2022

Whether you call it a kitchen garden, a victory garden, farm-to-table gardening, or something else, the age-old trend of growing your own food is bigger than ever.

Homeowners have hung up bird feeders for decades, but with shrinking wildlife habitat and climate change, many humans are doing more to support wildlife. It’s important to provide the right type of food, delivered in the right kind  of feeder.

Reduce the number of sap-filled plants that could fuel fire, or  at least move them far away from your home.

Cycles of Life

Recycling and upcycling are part of today’s eco-consciousness. For example, crushing material to use for pathways serves multiple purposes: recycling diverts items from landfills and reduces your carbon footprint.

Going Native

Native plants attract local pollinators and support regional wildlife. They’re an important element in any xeriscaping plan, which helps to reduce water usage.

While native plants impart environmental benefits, adding a few tropical plants to the landscape can evoke psychological benefits.

Jewel Tones and  Rich Colors

Whether you’re picking out tropical plants, bulbs, annuals, or perennials, this is the year to choose bold, vibrant colors in daring jewel  tones to add positive energy to  your landscape.


There are more than 100 varieties, which come in many sizes, shapes, and just about every color—which can build on the jewel tone trend. And these tubers are easy to care for and are robust growers.

Inside Out

Since most of the world has spent much of the past 2 years at home, homeowners have begun to blur the lines between inside and outside by building outdoor kitchens, fireplaces, and pergolas that can be curtained off to create a private room.

Outdoor rooms help promote hygge, a Danish word that means contentment and warmth—in other words, well-being, happiness, and health. It’s a buzzword that gained steam during the pandemic and is an idea still going strong.

Spatial Smarts

Using smaller-scale outdoor furniture or pieces that incorporate storage amplify the room. Multipurpose spaces make good use of small lots.

Because dogs can create dead spots in the lawn, some homeowners are adding an area with artificial turf just for Fido.