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Alexa is a freelance lifestyle writer and content curator. Her areas of expertise include travel, food and drink, home decorating, home improvement, health and wellness, and beauty. Follow her traveling adventures on Instagram, send her a message, and check out her website.

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How to Refresh Your Home with Smart Technology, According to HGTV Star Breegan Jane

Ready for a refresh? Consider these home automation tips.

APRIL 27, 2021 | TUESDAY
Get Inspired to Entertain at Home This Season with These 10 Outdoor Bar Ideas

Al fresco entertaining never looked so good.

The Most Stylish Outdoor Decor, According to a Design Pro

Say goodbye to gnomes, flamingos, and mushroom statues once and for all—here’s how to add some upscale decor to your outdoor space.

APRIL 19, 2021 | MONDAY
15 Beautiful and Functional Trellis Ideas for Climbing Plants

From creating living artwork within the home to adding privacy with vines on the patio, the options for displaying climbing plants with a trellis are plentiful.

APRIL 13, 2021 | TUESDAY
10 Expert Tips for Bringing Biophilic Design Elements into Your Home

Most of us spend far too much time indoors. Here’s how to integrate plants and other natural elements into your home’s decor and create a calm, low-stress atmosphere.

13 Small Living Room Ideas That Make a Big Impact

Using wall space to your advantage and swapping out decor that makes the room feel small can go a long way to opening up a tiny living room.

APRIL 5, 2021 | MONDAY
15 Things You Should Have at the Ready in Case the Power Goes Out

Prepare for an outage with these essential devices.

APRIL 2, 2021 | FRIDAY
Lowe’s Is Giving Away Free Garden Kits All Month Long—How to Snag One for Your Household

Signs of spring inspire society to start a new chapter. Around the home, a blooming garden is a telltale sign the season has sprung. Plus, gardening offers a bounty of opportunities to ge...

APRIL 2, 2021 | FRIDAY
5 Chemicals You Can Cut from Your Cleaning Routine (and What to Use Instead)

When deep cleaning rises to the top of a chore list, a lot of potent products that haven’t been used in a while may be called into action. Much like the effort that’s put into seasonal de...

A Cleaning Expert Debunks—or Validates—13 Myths Ahead of Your Spring Clean

The verdicts are in! Turns out, some of the most common cleaning and pest-control techniques simply don’t work.