10 DIY Labels for Better Home Organization

As we acquire more and more stuff, it becomes harder and harder to keep track of it all. That's where labeling becomes paramount. But before you settle on standard label-making solutions, consider taking a more creative DIY approach. Let your labels add an element of design to your space. Frame them, laminate them, and hang them out for all to see. There are a bevy of options at your disposal, from chalkboard paint and washi tape to clothespins. Whether you're trying to keep the towels in the guest room straight, or marking a row of fresh seedlings in the garden, organization is a constant battle. Win the war with these creative ways to label and corral the clutter.

Washi File Labels

Washi File Labels

Color code your file folders with washi tape for a real design flair. Washi tape is much like masking tape, but comes in a vast array of colors and patterns. It can be repositioned if necessary, and you can place clear labels from your label maker right on top of them.


Chalkboard Paint

Chalkboard Labels

Chalkboard labels are available for sale. You can also apply chalkboard paint to pretty much any surface to create your own chalkboard labels. Paint the lids of mason jars with it, and you have a flexible labeling system for spices, craft supplies, office supplies, or whatever else you put in your jars.

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Photos in Frames

Playroom Storage Totes

Photos or pictures are ideal for labeling bins or baskets in a playroom. Everyone can help put things away, no matter their age. Unfinished photo frames can be stained and screwed into place from the back—perfect for bins that already have holes in them.


Hanger Labels

Hanger Labels

Bring calm to the chaos in the morning by creating hanger labels for each day of the week. There are many sites with free downloadable labels you can print at your convenience. There's no excuse now!

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Clothespin Labels

Clothespins are the ultimate moveable label. Easy to write on, they can personalize towels, freshly-pressed laundry, open bags in the pantry, and lots more. Color code them, write on them, or cover them in washi tape, they will make creating and moving labels easier than ever.


Luggage Tag Labels

Luggage Tag Labels

Luggage tags are a smart looking way to label bins and baskets. The see-through portion allows you to display a picture or label, which can easily be swapped out should your needs change. You can purchase luggage tags for labeling, or make your own with little more than scrap fabric and interfacing.


Cork Plant Markers

DIY Garden Markers

There's nothing worse than trying to figure out what's growing in the garden after you've forgotten to mark the plants. Recycle wine corks into decorative markers to keep things under control. Label them with permanent marker, and then skewer them onto forks, wrapped with a little twine.


Popsicle Stick Markers

Popsicle Stick Label

Keep DVDs or books alphabetized and neat with popsicle sticks. Just stamp or write the letters, or apply lettered stickers, to both sides of one end. Insert them into the proper place. You'll know exactly where to look for your favorite flick on movie night.


Spine Labels

Photo Album Labels

Identify and beautify your photo albums and scrapbooks with a spine label. These labels were printed on card stock and then glued to canvas flowers. DMC floss was wound around the spine before the whole kit-and-kaboodle was attached with a glue dot. The same could be done with ribbon or washi tape to beautiful effect.


Cord Control

Cord Management Idea

The mess of wires behind your desk can be conquered! Identify those cords at the plug end with wrap around labels so you can instantly see what you're about to cut the connection on.

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