10 Mini Makeovers You Can Do in Minutes

A little change can go a long way. If you’ve been searching for quick (and cheap!) ways to add fresh style to your spaces, look to these easy makeovers that will give your home the updates you crave in no time flat.

Exchange Your Throw Pillows

Decorating with Throw Pillows

Rearranging some of the items you already have is a super-quick, cost-free way to freshen up any space. Try stealing throw pillows from one room to add color and variety to a boring sofa, bed, or office chair in another. You may be surprised at how this simple switch can make a room feel brand-new.

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Switch a Shade

Updating Light Fixtures

Changing a lampshade or switching out a light fixture is a quick way to remake your space, especially in a room that lacks natural light. Add a punch of pattern with a colorful base in the living room, try a tinted shade to increase ambient lighting in the bedroom, or swap in a classic white fixture for better task lighting and a minimalist look in a home office. 

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Stick 'Em Up

Washi Tape Ideas

You may be holding off on updating artwork until you find the just-right frame. But what if you didn't have to go through the process of custom matting and framing? Simplify gallery walls by hanging posters and prints with a little washi tape. You'll be able to devise pretty, perfect-size borders that show off your artwork without having to spend a ton or even lift a hammer. 

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Display Your Digits

House Number Ideas

Your house numbers may seem like a small detail, but they have a big impact on your home's curb appeal. Swap your standard versions for large and colorful house numbers that let your personality shine, or try a more classic design that suits your home's architecture. There are so many options, and all of them are astonishingly easy to DIY.  

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Zillow Digs home in Oakland, CA

Purchase Pulls

Easy Kitchen Updates

Dated drawer pulls and handles can age a kitchen before its time. Make a large-scale impact without overhauling the cabinets by switching out the hardware. Take a sampling of your existing hardware to the home improvement store to serve as a guide for finding styles that will fit, then simply screw the new hardware into place and enjoy the updated look.

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Spray Paint Ideas

Spray paint is a DIY dream tool. Not only does it allow you to add a personal touch to virtually any piece of home decor, it can also be accomplished quickly and with little effort. Whether your project involves something small, like unifying a collection of mismatched jars, or a larger-scale improvement, such as a coffee table or bookcase, spray paint can achieve a showstopping update in no time flat.

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Design Your Dishes

DIY Ideas

No need to wait for new sets of bowls, plates, mugs, and saucers until you can create a registry—trendier dishware is just a doodle away! Grab a Sharpie and redesign your existing (oven-safe) ceramics with a pattern of your choice, then bake at 250 degrees for 20 minutes.

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Try a Tea Towel

DIY Kitchen Ideas

Kitchen updates can be costly, but if you're a renter or simply not ready to spend the extra cash customizing cabinets, there are still ways to add color to a bland kitchen. Replace your garden-variety white tea towels with ones that you love for an instant style boost. Dying for a DIY? Cut fruits or vegetables, such as celery, lemons, or peppers, in half, dip them in paint, and stamp them onto a plain tea towel you already have for a personalized update that costs next to nothing.  

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Flip a Switch

DIY Switchplate

Although often overlooked, decorative light switch covers are a fun way to add character and charm to your walls. Choose from the surplus of creative options on the market, or update an existing switch plate with paint, washi tape, or fabric. This super-easy DIY is full of possibilities! 

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Change Up a Table

DIY Furniture Ideas

For any piece of furniture—tables and desks, in particular—the legs are a big source of style. Change the legs, and you change the character of the furniture, helping it relate differently to the rest of the room. Though it depends on the specific piece, removing the old legs typically takes nothing more than a screwdriver. Installing the replacements? Equally easy. But first you have to pick out the new set, which will probably be the most challenging part of this quick project.

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