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18 Photos That Prove Home Organization Is an Art Form

From clutter-free workshops to colorful craft rooms, these 18 snapshots of organizational bliss are worth not only admiring, but also re-creating in your own home.

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Throw In the Towels

Escape the visual clutter of your bathroom and create a relaxing retreat by borrowing a few ideas from this stellar example. Labeled woven baskets grant easy access to hand towels and everyday essentials while keeping them off a crowded vanity. By storing a similar arrangement of necessities on an over-the-toilet or wall-mounted shelf, you’ll set the tone for a soothing bath-time experience.

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Sweet Secret

Turn a baking basic into a storage staple, simply by moving it from the kitchen cabinet to the craft room. When filled with beads, sequins, and stickers, a muffin tin makes the perfect holder for small supplies. Make craft time cleanup even easier by filling the tin with cupcake liners before adding materials. When you’ve finished your project, you can either leave beads and bits where they are, or dump them back into a larger box or jar for safekeeping.

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Label or Perish

Foods may expire, but this fridge labeling scheme lasts forever. Designate the optimal zones in the fridge for bread, fruits, veggies, dairy, drinks, and condiments. Then, identify each section with printed or handwritten labels. Stash foods in their proper place, and get the rest of the family on board with your storage scheme to keep your groceries where you can find them, see them, and reach them.

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Wall of Wonders

This retooled wall turned workshop is proof that style and storage can be introduced anywhere—even in a grungy garage. Clear bins, lightweight baskets, and hooks mounted to a panel on the top half of the wall create ample room for everyday tools, while a pop of paint, greenery, and contrasting floor tiles lend a punch of personality below.

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All in a Day’s Work

Leaving work at the office can be easier—and more stylish—in an organizational oasis. Order is achieved with collections of matching wicker baskets, both under the desk and on top of the filing cabinets. Pastel-colored binders conceal a multitude of papers behind a refreshingly uniform color scheme.

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The High Life

This is quite possibly the world’s most orderly floor-to-ceiling storage system. Solid white bins mounted high on the wall keep seasonal decor and seldom-used supplies out of sight, while slide-out metal baskets suspended from the lower brackets offer easy access to everyday home and garden tools.

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Uplifted Soles

The artful arrangement of sneakers, sandals, and boots tucked away in this sky-high shelf unit could compete with footwear displays in any high-end store. Everyday shoes, stored at eye level, take center stage, while seasonal footwear is stored on an adjacent shelf to create order in a tight space.

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Clear and Collected

With clearly labeled crafting goodies on display, this tidy, colorful room gives any avid DIYer a little thrill. Cabinets, filled with clear bins of different sizes, are stacked against an empty wall to make tiny trinkets like sequins, beads, and confetti easy to spot and simple to retrieve.

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Pegged Down

Practical pegboard cures this charming craft room of both clutter and idle space. Steal the look by framing and then mounting the workshop staple to the wall. Then, use the pegs to wrangle small supplies like ribbons, thread, twine, or even washi tape.

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Shelf Old Ideas

While the contents of your home library may be serious, your bookshelf doesn’t have to be boring! This reimagined bookcase puts a playful twist on the conventionally hardworking storage solution with mix-and-match cubbies filled with colorful volumes, decorative binders, and cherished mementos.

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Paper Work

The hero of this darling duo of shelves is ordinary wrapping paper. When adhered to the back of plain vanilla shelves, patterned wallpaper creates a bespoke finish for just pennies. Maximize your storage by filling the empty space between two bookshelves with painted pegboard or a low shelf stocked with office staples.

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Radiant Rack

This organizational station inherits its colorful personality from a bright homeowner with a penchant for visual variety. Baskets, binders, and file folders keep office supplies and knickknacks out of sight, while their eye-popping colors and patterns remain visible for all to admire.

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State of the Art

Set in a rustic bookshelf, glass jars offer a stylish window into this family’s artful pursuits. Borrow the look by filling glass cookie jars or canisters with crayons, markers, chalk, and other supplies to cut through clutter and give children a clear picture of where to find their favorite art materials.

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Fully Baked Scheme

This no-mess baking station proves that the recipe for organizational success isn’t difficult—or costly—to follow. Key hooks are mounted to the back wall of the cabinet, then hung with measuring spoons and lightweight utensils to keep the shelves free for heftier kitchen necessities.

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The Fabric Files

Keep fat quarters in order with this slim-line fabric storage solution. Drape your fabrics around acid-free file folders, then tuck the “files” out of sight into the bottom drawer of a filing cabinet. Categorize your files by material, print, or color for easier identification and faster retrieval.

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Lightened Load

Essential appliances—not clutter—should take center stage in any laundry room. Here, matching laundry baskets and burlap-wrapped boxes conceal loads of laundry waiting to be washed as well as towels and cleaning supplies. The result? An orderly space that will make you look forward to laundry day!

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New Heights

This trio of kitchen cabinets openly reveals its secret weapon against clutter: classification. Take stock of your existing cabinet contents, categorizing items as cookware, bakeware, or cutlery. Then, store like items together in the appropriate compartments, positioning seldom-used pieces higher up and everyday essentials within arm’s reach.

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Inner Beauty

If your overcrowded medicine cabinet has been taken over by cosmetics, it’s time to give those supplies a home of their own. The beauty of employing an office organizer like this is that its multiple compartments can be used to separate items by type—for example, powder in one section and brushes in another. 

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