8 Low-Cost Upgrades for a Hassle-Free Laundry Room

It’s OK if your laundry room isn’t your favorite room in the house—it’s a chore room. It’s got less appeal than, say, that comfortable family room with its couch and television and midday naps. But with a few shockingly simple organizational fixes, you can take the hassle out of laundry and add a little joy to this forgotten corner of your house.

  1. Ironing and Sorter Combo Laundry Center

    Laundry Sorter

    You can already hear your houseguests' reaction to this ultimate laundry room space-saver: “Sharon, are you ironing on top of your hamper?! You are so wild!” Available on Amazon; $60.

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  2. Hangers When You Need Them


    Look, sometimes you want to hang things, and sometimes you don’t! The InstaHanger understands. It gets you. And it knows exactly what to do with your closet's overflow. Available on Amazon; $15.

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  3. Slide-Out Storage Tower

    Storage Tower

    Put that awkward gap between your appliances to practical use with this narrow roll-out shelving unit. It’s not like you were using that space for anything else. Available on Amazon; $60.

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  4. Over-the-Washer Storage Shelf

    Storage Shelf

    You’ve finally managed to force yourself to tackle those mounting piles of lights and darks, so why add more work by storing your fabric softener and dryer sheets anywhere other than exactly where they’re needed?! Keep them conveniently above your washer and dryer with an easy-to-install wire shelf. Available on Amazon; $13.

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  5. Over-the-Door Hanger Rack

    Over the Door Hanger Rack

    Here's the perfect storage solution for anyone who has too many spare hangers but doesn't want to part with a single one. This rack not only holdsthe hangers that won't fit in your closet, it also lets you keep a few more items neatly hung up. Available at Amazon; $26.

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  6. Laundry Smart Organizer System

    Smart Organizer

    This laundry-doer’s best friend houses an iron, ironing board, hamper, and delicates wash bag, plus a shelf and basket for all your laundry miscellany! Available at Amazon; $60.

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  7. Organize-It-All Ironing Board Holder

    Ironing Board Holder

    Is there anything more inconvenient to store than an ironing board? Stop wrestling it back into your closet and start hanging it from the door like a civilized person. Available on Amazon; $12.

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    If you must do laundry (and you must), you might as well make the chore as easy as possible. We've rounded up the best buys to make your laundry room safer, cleaner, and more productive. Even better? They can all be had for a bargain. Go now!