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8 Notorious Closet Problems, Solved

Nearly every homeowner has dealt with the plight of a smaller-than-you'd-like, over-stuffed, disorganized closet. No matter what the specific complaint—we can count at least eight—there's a doable solution to get your wardrobe into working order. And while it might not result in the walk-in closet of your million-dollar dreams, it's a step in the right direction.

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Problem: Little Lighting

Tired of fumbling in the dark abyss of your closet at 6 in the morning for something to wear to work? LED lights are the perfect solution. This LED closet rod, sold by Winona Lighting, means you won’t have to worry about mounting string lights or replacing bulbs. But if you’re looking to avoid installing a new rod, you could always opt for a more temporary fix—like stick-on, battery-operated LED strips from Amazon

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Problem: Piles Upon Piles

Without a system for organizing your clothes, piles just happen. If you don’t have time in the morning to refold your clothes or rehang them, try taking 15 minutes at the end of the day to do it. It’s a little investment with a big return

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Problem: Hungry Moths

Sweaters are not for eating, but tell that to a closet moth. The worst thing about having moths attacking your wardrobe is you probably won’t know until the damage is done. That’s why precaution is key. Store clean, off-season clothing in air-tight containers, vacuum your closet regularly, and wipe down its interior once per season. You can also try a natural moth repellent like lavender sachets or these red cedar chips. Like these hanging cedar sticks from Amazon ($19.99).

Problem: Inaccessible Space

Do you have a few feet of inaccessible space just to the right or the left of your closet door? The surest way to solve this daily inconvenience is to open up the wall and replace the door with double doors or a sliding door. Short of that, you can install expandable shelves in the empty space to make pulling out items easier. If you go that route, store the seasonal stuff there so you minimize the time you spend shuffling through your storage.

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Problem: Belts Are Bothersome

There’s a temptation to put all your belts on a single coat hook, but we’ve always found that to be a frustratingly imperfect solution. Here’s a better way: Use inexpensive S-hooks to hang each belt (tie, scarf, or hat) individually from a tension rod. Going forward, you can now more clearly see all your belts and detach only the one you want for the day. 

Problem: Too Tired to Hang Up Clothes

We’ve all had that night before work where we’ve tried on three different outfits before deciding on the perfect look. If you’re feeling too lazy to hang up the rest of the clothes, skip the hangers and just throw everything on a hook. This metal over-the-door organizer from comes complete with 2 rows of 6 hooks, enough space to fit all your extra outfits. Available on Amazon; $25.00. 

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Problem: Messy Shelves

Shelves offer optimal storage space, but without organization, they can easily create just another mess. Keep your stacked folded clothes and accessories neat and tidy with shelf dividers, like these. Available on 

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Find More Room on the Rod

If you have more hanging items than closet rod, you’re not the first. Find more hanging space by slimming down the actual hangers—thinner organizers covered in velvet can still hold up even your slinkiest items. Hook a soda tab around the neck of a hanger and you can even double up hangers. Available on Amazon; $23.99.