9 Ways to Make a Half Bath Feel Whole

Half baths may be smaller than their full-fledged counterparts, but that doesn't mean you need to sacrifice on storage or style. Learn how to make the most of every inch of space in your small bathroom with these smart and attainable tips.

By Faith Towers | Published Oct 09, 2015 11:32 AM

Work the Wall

Beautiful Bathrooms

Blank walls are a half bath's best friend. Use them to your advantage with a multitude of wall-mounted options like shelves, medicine cabinets, and towel racks. While these solutions will keep your necessities organized, they'll also free up space on the countertops, allowing the room to feel airy and open instead of cluttered and claustrophobic.  

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Cut Corners

Modern Bathroom

A half bath's biggest battle is making the most of small square footage. A triangular shelf is a small-space wonder that fits snugly in a corner of the room, maximizing functionality in a minimal footprint. You can stow spare hand towels, baskets of extra toilet paper, and even a few decorative items here, confident that the unit won't swallow up too much of the room.

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Deck the Door

Tiny Bathroom

Creative storage solutions make a big difference in a half bath. The back of the door, for example, offers prime organizational real estate that often goes unused. Over-the-door mirrors, towel racks, and even medicine cabinet alternatives like this one can work miracles by opening up space in other, more crowded areas of the bathroom.

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Skirt the Issue

DIY Bathroom Ideas

Pedestal sinks are notorious for offering little to no storage opportunities, as they lack the countertop or cabinet base that many standard baths have. But you don't have to feel oppressed by your pedestal sink. Instead, craft an organization zone of your own by stashing plungers, toilet brushes, or other unattractive essentials beneath the sink, and then concealing them with a skirt. 

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Float On

Shelf Design

Floating shelves are a stylish spot for decorative and functional items like candles, soaps, and toiletries. Because they are suspended from the wall without any visible supports, these shelves provide storage without adding much visual weight to the room—just what a half bath needs.

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Aim High

Clever Storage Ideas

Another well-kept storage secret lies in the span of wall above your door. While this spot may not be readily accessible for everyday items, it can act as the perfect perch for toilet paper, soap refills, or other stockpiled goods that usually eat up space on the counter or in the cabinets.

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Embrace the Awkward Space

Rustic Bathroom

Keep bathroom essentials off the sink but close at hand by installing shelves or organizers in the space above the toilet. This awkward area offers an excellent opportunity for personalization, serving as display zone for mementos or decorative accents that can make a half bath feel more lived-in. 

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Think Tall

Small Bathroom

If you lack a linen closet, tall shelving can be a lifesaver for storing towels, cleaning products, a wastebasket, and more. Choose a unit that has open compartments to keep things easily accessible but still organized. As a bonus, this trick will also make your ceilings seem taller and the room feel more spacious. 

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Get Hooked

Pallet Ideas

Hooks are a cheap, easy, and versatile way to organize any bathroom. Mount some underneath a floating shelf to hold washcloths, attach a few to the wall to hang bath towels, or even drill some into the ceiling to suspend hanging baskets or plants for an added touch of green. 

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