Easy Storage Ideas for Every Room in the House

Nothing disturbs your private sanctuary like clutter. Kick your space into gear, from top to bottom and room to room, with these sanity-saving storage ideas. First, pare down your belongings by discarding or donating anything old or unusable, then move on to organizing whatever is left. The natural impulse is to hide clutter out of sight in closets, bureaus, or junk drawers, but if you don't have enough concealed storage to house your essentials, it's time to get creative. You'll be surprised how much you can stow neatly, in plain sight, by using attractive wire or wicker baskets, painted pegboard, or other storage tricks. Whether you're trying to carve out a little more room in the kitchen, clear out your bedroom clutter, or organize your garage essentials, this collection of smart solutions will give you inspiration and guidance.

Clean Out the Closet

Organized Closet

The first frontier in the crusade against clutter is the closet. If you can tidy up these crowded catchalls of the house, you can tackle anything. For starters, make use of often-overlooked space up high, and use transparent or decorative bins to store items neatly and provide easy access. In short, look for ways to end closet "stuffication."

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Livable Laundry Rooms

Laundry Rooms

Given the fact that laundry rooms are often small, look for ways to maximize their potential with inventive storage solutions—including some tried-and-true DIY hacks. In addition to improving the look of the room, getting a handle on storage will enhance your ability to sort, wash, dry, and fold in the space you have.

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Garage Storage

Organized Garage

Ah yes, the garage! There is a floor underneath all those magazines and boxes, tools, sports equipment, and gardening and lawn paraphernalia. After you clear out what you no longer need, look for shelves, cabinets, and containers that can control the clutter. And don't overlook storage opportunities overhead and on the walls.

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Tips for a Great Basement

Basement Organization

Basement storage accessories should be tailored to provide easy access, ventilation, and moisture resistance. Because basements can be damp, metal shelving and cabinetry protect possessions better than wooden alternatives; similarly, plastic bins protect better than cardboard boxes. If moisture is an issue, take steps to waterproof your basement

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Make the Most of the Attic

Attic Storage

The attic can be your storage salvation provided it is properly ventilated and insulated. Ventilation and insulation work hand in hand to reduce humidity and prevent drastic temperature swings in summer and winter. Consider building shelves into the beams to maximize the space and keep the floor clear so items can be easily retrieved.  

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Creative Bedroom Organization

Green Bedroom

Because bedrooms are generally a place for peace and relaxation, messes are sure to cause stresses. Look for ways to keep things organized and stored—preferably out of sight. If your closets are filled to capacity, consider underbed storage, shelving units, and freestanding wardrobes to help keep things neat. 


Work from Home

Green Walls

Not everyone is lucky enough to be able to devote an entire room to a home office, but that doesn't mean you can't have a dedicated work space at home. No matter the details of your home office design, organization is key, particularly in a shared space, so look for ways to keep your desk neat, organized, and clutter-free.

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Kid Clutter

Kids Room Ideas

Cleaning up after the kids can be a full-time job, so consider storage solutions that are appropriate for kids' spaces and easy for them to manage themselves. Stack up colorful painted fruit crates to serve as multipurpose shelving, or use them individually as storage bins. Lengths of PVC pipe can be cut to create convenient cubbies for everything from crayons to toy cars, and wall-mounted repurposed planters are terrific catchalls. 

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Wow-Worthy Kitchens

Pegboard Storage

Order in the kitchen brings order to the household. Fortunately, you may be a couple of simple hacks away from reining in the chaos. From pegboard pot-hanging solutions to upcycled kitchen islands, there are numerous ways to get more out of your cabinets, countertops, and pantry—without spending a fortune. 

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Tiny Bathrooms

Small Bathroom Ideas

What to do with a small bathroom—plenty! There are lots of strategies for maximizing your space, including mounting shelves above the door and over the toilet, setting out bins, and hanging up racks and caddies. Bins and baskets will keep things stored neatly and out of plain sight but still easily accessible when needed. 

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Clutter-Catching Mudrooms

Mudroom Ideas

Mudrooms can be your home's first line of defense by stopping clutter at the door. Consider cabinets, cubbies, and wall hooks to keep things tidy. And don't overlook the simple, functional beauty of a coat stand—vintage, upcycled, or new.

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Ceiling Storage

Ceiling Storage

Utilize your vertical space where you can, whether it's in a basement, garage, or some other high-ceilinged space in your home. It's just a matter of mounting some simple DIY brackets to the studs in the ceiling and then sliding in your storage bins.


Living Room

Living Room

The living room may not seem like an important place for storage, but you can clear a lot of space on the coffee table by finding good places for magazines, games, books, and other entertainment paraphernalia to live. Multifunctional furniture works best. These cubby units serve as both storage shelves and a sofa table.


Craft Room

Craft Room Ideas

A craft room has a zillion supplies to corral. Use a combination of drawers, cabinets and cubbies to keep things neat and organized. Adding some decorative storage, like the bed spring pin board on the wall in this craft room, can help to keep your ideas and inspiration visible.




A home workshop needs to provide storage space for tools, hardware, lumber, paint, and more. A workbench that has storage underneath does double duty. No matter what project you're working on, all your power tools are close at hand.


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