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Organize Closets with 11 Things You Already Own

Organizing your closet can seem like a daunting task, especially when you consider how expensive store-bought organizing solutions can be. Keep your space streamlined and clutter-free with these amazingly easy tips that utilize items you already own.

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Tab Team via Hack College

Expand your usable hanging space for (basically) free by slipping a soda can tab over a hanger, and then inserting a second hanger through the bottom hole of the tab. Not only will this hack double your storage opportunities, you can also take it to the next level by using it to assemble your outfits for the week—buying you some extra R&R time in the mornings.

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Clever Cardboard

Think twice before you recycle those moving or shipping boxes—they can be upcycled and used to organize your shoes. Fold a few pieces of cardboard into strips, creating triangular compartments that are the perfect size for flats, sandals, and all your favorite footwear. Plus, the cool geometric design will add a punch of personality to a standard closet setup. 

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Clothes Catchall via Emily May

We’ve all had the bad habit of tossing our worn clothes onto the floor after a hard day’s work. Prevent this clutter from taking over your closet by repurposing an extra basket into a dirty clothes bin. Having a designated spot to toss your used outfit is such a simple way to keep things organized, plus it makes transporting clothes on laundry day a cinch.

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Step Up

A ladder can be a decorative and functional solution for streamlining footwear. Each rung provides a spot for multiple shoes to sit, and the open display allows you to quickly identify and grab the pair you need when you’re running out the door. 

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Hip Hanger via VibeLich

Scarves and belts can quickly get out of hand without a proper storage solution. But with a simple wooden hanger, some thick card stock, and a few plastic snaps, you can create a functional system that will corral all your accessories in one place—making it so much easier for you to see what you have and locate what you need. If you don’t have card stock on hand, simply weave your colorful accessories through the bottom of the hanger.

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Photo Op

Don’t toss those old shoeboxes! They can make great stackable storage for accessories like hats, scarves, out-of-season clothing, and more. Cover the boxes with decorative fabric or paper, then attach a picture of the item that’s inside. This will not only be a pretty addition to your closet, but a functional one as well, because you’ll always know exactly where your little extras are hiding—and where to return them when you’re finished. 

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Shelf Help

If you have a spare shelf lying around in storage, put it to good use by installing it in your closet or simply setting it on the floor. This extra space is ideal for baskets, shoes, or other oddly shaped extras that take up space and are difficult to stack or arrange with other items. 

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Good Grips

Shockingly enough, no-slip hangers don’t always come cheap. Here’s a tip that could save you bundles: Wrap rubber bands around the edges of your inexpensive hangers to create a nonslip grip for your favorite sweaters, dresses, and other hard-to-hang clothing items. Pipe cleaners wrapped around the edge of a hanger or hot glue applied to the top can also do the trick. 

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Dainty Display

Pegboard is a versatile material that’s perfectly at home in the garage, basement, and even in the closet. Create instant wall-mounted jewelry storage by attaching a piece of painted pegboard to your wall and inserting a few appropriate hooks. Not only will your necklaces remain organized and tangle-free, but they’ll also be displayed clearly so you can easily navigate your entire inventory.

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Molding Moment

Attach strips of crown molding to the wall for an instant high heel rack that makes a colorful, playful statement. This will free up loads of floor space, plus it will give you a better view of your shoe collection so you can quickly pick the perfect pair every morning.

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Stand Tall

Leather boots can be tricky to store properly, as you don’t want their legs to become droopy. Forget spending on store-bought boot shapers, and instead use rolled-up magazines secured with rubber bands. Insert one roll of paper into each boot to keep the pair standing tall and looking like new.

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