The Most Organized Closets We've Ever Seen

Small closets present big challenges. But there are a bevy of brilliant organizing solutions you can employ to make even the most diminutive closet a storage workhorse. Check out the genius ideas we found in these 15 creative closets.

  1. DIY a Double Decker

    Double Decker Master Closet

    Every inch of this 6-foot-wide master closet is put to use simply by doubling up on hanging rods, and incorporating shelves with baskets to hold underwear, socks, belts, and other accessories. You'll find no pre-fabricated closet units here. It’s all constructed from humble pine boards—primed and painted a fresh and clean white. This DIY solution works just as well as the store-bought version, better perhaps, because it’s perfectly customized to the homeowner’s needs.

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  2. Design a Dressing Room

    Closet Dressing Room

    Dedicated dressing rooms are a new trend in home design. But not every home has a nook to commit to just changing clothes. This DIY closet makeover proves you don’t need to sacrifice storage for style. Even a smallish closet can do the job, with some smart organizing and personalization. Who wouldn’t want to play dress up in front in that closet every day?

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  3. Divide & Conquer

    Linen Closet Organization

    It is so easy for a linen closet to become a junky jumble of sheets, blankets, and towels. Shelf dividers to the rescue! These wire wonders allow you to carve out more usable space from each shelf, and keep things from getting cluttered. Shelf labels and and dollar-store baskets make it easy to find what you need and return things to their proper place after laundering. If your linen closet looked like this, you’d want to leave the door open all the time!

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  4. Shelve Your Shoes

    Shoe Storage Solution

    Take advantage of an unused corner in your closet, and bring in a shelving unit to house your shoes. This shoe storage solution is actually three Closetmaid shoe shelves stacked one top of another. Even better? Create the same look by repurposing an old bookshelf you already own. Amp up the functionality by moving or removing shelves to make space for tall boots.

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  5. Stagger Rods

    Staggered Closet Rods

    Most closets start their lives with a single shelf and rod. That leaves a lot of unused space leftover. If you break your closet into separate zones and stagger the rods and shelves at different heights, you’ll be able to accommodate a lot more stuff. You don’t need to dedicate five vertical feet to pants and shirts if they only take up 2½ feet. Move in more rods or shelves, and voilá—you've got double the space for double the stuff.

  6. Compartmentalize with Cubbies

    Kids Closet Cubbies

    Shoe cubbies can be used for more than just shoes. Little odds and ends, like scarves, purses, and belts can each have their own dedicated nook, keeping them from becoming a jumbled mess on the floor.

  7. Hang Your Jewelry

    Jewelry Storage Closet

    The closet may be the last place you'd think to decorate, but it's quite easy to use your garments and accessories to bring cheer to a workaday space. Strategically placed push pins can keep jewelry organized while providing a pop of colorful decor. The lovely collection will bring a smile to your face every time you open the door, and you’ll undoubtedly wear more of what if you have if you can easily see it in one view.

  8. Organize With Boxes

    Closet Storage Boxes

    These storage boxes with chalkboard label fronts make quick work of organizing. Off-season clothing can be kept together and out of the way, and the labels can be easily changed season by season, depending on what you need to store. These boxes are a cheap and easy DIY at $3 each, but if you're not in the mood to build your own, you could purchase something similar at a home goods store.

  9. Batch Small Items in Baskets

    China Closet Organization

    This “china closet” smartly utilizes baskets to keep smaller like items grouped together—serving pieces in one, candles in another, cookie cutters in yet another. No matter the size of the closet or the height of the shelves, you can find a basket to suit your space. A variety of options can be found in craft and home improvement stores alike. And should your storage needs change, they can easily be repurposed for other uses.

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  10. Pull Out the Stops with Pull-Out Baskets

    Laundry Closet Organization

    Utility closets come in all shapes and sizes. But they are often too small, narrow, or deep. When a deep shelf makes accessing all the items difficult, install a pull-out wire basket to keep everything at your fingertips. Not only is this simple addition affordable, but they're incredibly easy to install.

  11. Make Space for the Regular Routine

    Bathroom Linen Closet

    Sometimes, in a bathroom, the linen closet may need to be co-opted to house items for the daily dressing routine. With some baskets, a drawer organizer, and a lazy Susan, this linen closet keeps nail polish and hair styling equipment at the ready for a busy household, while leaving room for hand towels and toilet paper.

  12. Streamline Cleaning Supplies

    Cleaning Closet Organization

    Having a central location for all your cleaning supplies can make your household cleaning tasks much more efficient but you may need to repurpose a closet to store the stuff. This hall closet was converted to store all the household cleaning supplies. An over-the-door shoe organizer creates a dedicated pocket for everything from wipes to window cleaner. Paper towels are streamlined in a hanging cubbie organizer on the closet rod, clearing up floor space for the vacuum, mop and bucket, and ironing board. 

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  13. Take Command of your Coat Closet

    Entryway Coat Closet

    There’s almost nothing more liberating than getting a bunch of bags out of the entryway, off display in the mudroom, or off the closet floor. A series of hooks gives bags a place to hang on the inside of this coat closet door. That simple trick frees up space to store shoes, boots, and other items.

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  14. Fill it with Functional Design

    Walk-in Closet

    An L-shape closet can feel limiting, but there is an opportunity to fill every last corner with functional storage and design elements. Shelves on the long wall create a place to store shoes and jewelry. And a transparent polycarbonate molded chair slides into the space to create a restful spot to put on shoes, without creating visual clutter.

  15. Let it Roll

    Closet Organizer

    For a linen closet that needs to do double duty for both cleaning and laundry supplies, a rolling laundry hamper can be your best friend. The bags on this unit allow you to sort clothes as you put them in, and can be removed separately if desired. Or, roll the whole thing out to the washer and get your laundry chores started quickly and easily.

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