Bob Vila's 10

Must Do Projects

for September

September is widely considered the best month to buy home appliances.

1. Shop Smart

Old and inefficient windows and doors leak a lot of heat, so be sure to switch out your window screens for storm windows before the frigid temps kick in.

3. Swap Out Your Windows  and Doors

Prep your furnace now so you’ll be ready for a sudden cold snap.

5. Service Your Heater

And don’t forget to drain the gas from your lawn mower or other gas-powered tools—it’ll make it easier to start them in the spring.

6. Clean Your Tools

An end-of-summer yard sale will let you clear out your clutter and earn a couple of extra dollars in the process.

8. Have a Yard Sale

Planting from seed is cheaper, but it requires a bit more care and maintenance in the beginning. If you choose to lay sod instead, you will need heavy watering as the roots take hold in the yard.

9. Seed and Sod

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