10 Simple Ingredients for a Very Comfortable Bed

Although getting the recommended eight hours of sleep each night may be a bit of a pipe dream, that's no reason not to make our bedroom spaces dreamy. Our beds beckon us to escape, relax, reflect, and yes, sleep. All of these are made better by a requisite amount of coziness. What makes a bed cozy, you may ask? For some, it's a pile of pillows to sink into; for others, coziness may be more about what's above and around you rather than what's underneath. Whatever your snuggly style, here are 10 ideas for transforming your bed into a sanctuary that's tailored just for you.

  1. Soft Serenity

    Feather Bed

    If there is one word that is most often associated with cozy, it's soft. To achieve a loftier level of luxury, use a cushy featherbed as the foundation for your bedding. As you're sinking down, your contentment factor can't go anywhere but up.


  2. Not too Neat

    Large Comforter

    Comfort comes in many shapes and styles, and for some, being cozy really means letting go and not worrying about being too perfect. This is just the case here: no military-style hospital corners or over-coordinated pieces, just soft bedding that sort of slinks off the edge and invites you in.


  3. Under Cover

    Canopy Bed

    A defined space creates comforting boundaries. When it comes to your bed, closing it in a little can help you feel safe and snug. A canopy bed draws a line in the sand around your sleeping space, making it a special haven for invitees only. Whether your style is romantic or restful, a canopy overhead can envelop you in tranquility.


  4. Dim the Lights

    Dark Bedroom

    Serenity can be fostered beyond the borders of the bed. Room-darkening curtains give you a little break from the bustle outside, even if it's broad daylight. Add an abundance of throw pillows, and you can just lean back, prop yourself up, and get comfortable whenever the mood strikes you.


  5. Peaceful and Pure

    White Linen Bed

    The secret to getting your cozy mojo may be quite simple. Although we may thrive in the chaos of the day, bedtime is when it should all wind down. Falling into a bed that's dressed in pure, crisp white linens leaves you nothing but R & R to worry about.

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  6. Cozy Cableknit

    Cable Knit Bedding

    When you contemplate cozy materials, blankets and sweaters probably come to mind. So why not combine your bed and sweaters? Think about how snug you feel in your favorite hand-knit sweater, then translate that concept to your bedding. Mmmm. Cozy.


  7. Thrown Together

    Chenille Bed Throws

    The pillows are arranged and the sheets are tucked in, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't have easy access to some impromptu cozying. Keep a couple of soft chenille throw blankets draped across the bed, and it'll be hard to resist grabbing one and cuddling up.


  8. Quilted Quiet

    Quilt Comforters

    Create a sense of getting away from it all, right in your own bedroom. Country casual quilts, blankets, and a pair of warm socks are a clear invitation to chill out and stay awhile, whether you're a guest or the nightly resident.


  9. Rustic Relaxing

    Rustic Bedroom

    If you're fortunate enough to have a beautiful natural setting to soothe you, think of your bed as an extension of that environment. A rustic wooden bed frame and comfortable, no-frills bedding will make you feel relaxed and renewed.


  10. Spell It Out

    Scrabble Bed Pillows

    If you're still not sure how to get your bed looking its coziest, perhaps going literal is the answer! Perched atop a soft down comforter, these Scrabble-inspired pillows send you a clear message. Plus, you get to use the "Z" (as in Zzzzz?) for big points. 

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