12 Easy Ways to Boost Bathroom Storage

Next to the kitchen, the bathroom is the second most important room in the house. No matter who you are, chances are the time you spend each day in the bathroom is important to your routine. And every bathroom task requires supplies: towels, toiletries, lotions and potions. The small space of a bathroom can make it challenging to organize. But there is a multitude of creative space saving solutions available to make life easier, from cabinets and shelving to space efficient bathroom furniture. Can you upsize your medicine cabinet? Can you put shelving above the door? There are ways to maximize storage in the smallest of spaces— even over the toilet and behind the door. Here are our favorite bathroom storage ideas from around the web. Which one will you implement today?

Go With a Vanity

Vanity Storage

In a small bath, the temptation is to install a pedestal sink, the idea being that it will make the room “feel” bigger. But if bathroom storage is what you need, install a vanity and set your sink into it (or on top of it with a vessel sink). Vanities with deep drawers are much more convenient than ones with doors.

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Above the Toilet

Over The Toilet Storage

Narrow shelves or a cabinet that’s not too deep are great ways to make use of the underused space above a toilet. Just leave enough room between the bottom shelf and the top of the toilet tank, so you can easily access the flush mechanism to make repairs.

Pottery Barn

In the Shower

Shower Organizer

Under the shower head is the wettest place in the shower, so why would you keep soaps there? Hang your shower organizer near the back of the stall. It may mean installing a hook in the tile, but that’s easier than it sounds.

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Behind the Door

Door Rack Storage

There are all sorts of racks that make good use of the sliver of space that lives behind the bathroom door. Some install over the door top, others hang on the hinge pins—all provide useful bathroom storage.

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Above the Door

Over The Door Storage

If you have any space above the door frame, take advantage of that as well. A shelf above the door will provide great out-of-the-way bathroom storage for extra supplies, many of which can be disguised in decorative bins, baskets, and glass jars.

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Medicine Cabinet

Medicine Cabinet

Medicine cabinets for much of the last century were small because a) people knew how to get by with a lot less stuff, and b) they were typically set into the wall between studs that are typically only 14-1/2 inches apart. Rip out the old unit and install a large wall-mounted cabinet.

Restoration Hardware

Use Less Stuff

Use Less Stuff

The first rule of organization is to get rid of stuff. If you are a person who feels you must save all of the hair or skin products you’ve ever tried despite the fact they haven’t worked to your satisfaction, wake up! Get rid of them.

Bathroom Magic

Colorful Crates

Crate Storage

When you don’t have much floor space, use your vertical space. These colorful crates are a great modular storage addition to a bathroom. They can be stacked on the floor, or mounted on the wall. And should needs change, they can easily be used elsewhere in the house.

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Lovely Ladder

Ladder Storage

A leaning ladder makes a no-tools-required towel rack in the bathroom. Towels can be stacked, or hung. Paint it a color that coordinates with your decor, and it makes a nice visual presentation of practical things you might otherwise put in a closet for no one to see.


Use Your Wall Space

Wall Storage

If counter space is at a premium, use your available wall space. All those bits and pieces that might get jumbled in a vanity can be tucked away neatly in a wall mounted rack of small file drawers. A shelf rack keeps things you use often easily accessible.

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Don't Sweat the Small Stuff

Mason Jar Bathroom Storage

A wall mounted rack of open mason jars corrals Q-tips, cotton balls, and other small personal hygiene items, and leaves your counter top free of clutter. Inexpensive and DIY-friendly, you can easily put one of these together on a weekend afternoon.

Beauty and Bedlam

Double Duty

Multipurpose Bathroom Storage

Any storage solution that can multitask is welcome in the bathroom. This baby blue wall mounted shelf does storage double duty. The hooks at the bottom are an easy place to hang towels and robes, while the shelves above can hold extra towels, lotions, potions and other sundries.


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For More...

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