7 DIY Bathroom Storage Solutions

You don't have to renovate! First, try out some of these smart, do-it-yourself storage solutions to make better use of the bath you have.

Mason Jar Organizer

Mason Jar Organizer

Perfect for those little items, this simple and clever mason jar project makes for an attractive display while providing easy access to the bathroom products you use every day.

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Liz Marie

Magnetic Toothbrush Holder

DIY Toothbrush Holder

Looking for a way to keep your toothbrush off the wet, messy sink area? This wall-mounted magnetic strip will do the job nicely, and you’ll love this ingenious method for magnetizing a plastic brush.

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The Family Handyman

Rope Shelving

Rope DIY

A fun, rustic, rope-supported DIY bathroom storage shelf looks great and makes good use of the space above the toilet. You can assemble your own this weekend with easy-to-find materials and a little know-how.

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At The Walker House

Repurposed Gift Box Storage

DIY Storage

Constructed from inexpensive canister-shaped boxes that have been outfitted with knobs and adorned with custom labels, these vintage-inspired storage containers impart decorative appeal to toiletries.

Small Home Love

Toilet Paper Storage and Display

Toilet Paper Storage

Toilet paper is a bathroom necessity. Rather than hide it, why not embrace its white, geometric form with a low-tech storage-display approach?

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DIY Wall Storage Cubbies

DIY Wall Storage

No woodworking skills are required to transform craft store crates into versatile, space-saving wall storage units with handmade aesthetic appeal.

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Above-the-Door Shelf

Best Storage Ideas

When you’ve run out of floor space, the only direction to go is up. Installing an above-the-door shelf is a smart move, especially in a small bath that happens to have a tall ceiling.

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