The Best Hammock Chairs for Indoors and Out

When you’re ready to purchase the best hammock chair for reading indoors or lounging outside, follow this guide to find the right one for relaxation.

By Mike Bruton | Updated Sep 29, 2020 7:48 PM

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Best Hammock Chair Options


Few pleasures are as simple as whiling away an afternoon in a hammock chair. The best hammock chairs offer all the lazy charm of a traditional hammock with an upright seating position perfect for reading, sipping a cup of tea, or just rocking away a sleepy afternoon.

The best hammock chair for you depends on how you’ll be using it: lounging in the house, napping on the patio, or hanging out on camping trips. Though hammock chairs are simple in principle, manufacturers offer a dizzying array of styles, materials, purposes, and price points. Before you buy, keep reading to understand what features matter most to you—and which models have them.

  1. BEST OVERALL: XXL Hammock Chair Swing by Hammock Sky
  2. BEST BANG FOR THE BUCK: Chihee Hammock Chair
  3. MOST COMFORTABLE: Y-Stop Hammock Chair Hanging Rope Swing
  4. BEST WATERPROOF: GARTIO Hanging Tree Tent
  5. BEST TWO-PERSON: Flower House FHPC100-BRK Hanging Pumpkin Loveseat
  6. BEST HEAVY-DUTY: Best Choice Products Outdoor Hanging Chaise Lounge
  7. BEST FOR KIDS: OUTREE Kids Hanging Seat Hammock
  8. HONORABLE MENTION: Bengum Hammock Chair
Best Hammock Chair Options


What to Consider When Choosing the Best Hammock Chair

All the best hammock chairs provide a great way to relax. Size, material, style, weight capacity, waterproofing, ease of installation, and intended use vary widely between models, so it’s crucial to consider these when you shop for your next relaxation station.


No matter how you plan to use your hammock chair, the size is of utmost importance. Consider the size of the hammock chair when in use (and, if included, stand) and the measurements of the area in which you wish to place it. Most hammock chairs require a minimum lateral space of 4 feet because of the spreader bar from which the fabric hangs. Make sure the space behind and in front of the chair can accommodate a fully reclined user; you don’t want to install it in a spot where you’ll hit your head as soon as you start to lean back. Finally, hammock chairs with single-point suspension may twist or sway a little, so make sure to leave enough room to swing! Outdoors, space is generally less of an issue.


Native tribes of South America fashioned the earliest hammocks from the bark of the Hamak tree. Material science has come a long way since then, much to the benefit of prospective hammock chair owners.

Consider the placement and intended use of your hammock when selecting materials:

  • Cotton offers a breathable, comfortable experience but does not fare well after prolonged exposure to the elements.
  • Canvas offers a sturdier option for those who plan to move, fold, or pack away their hammock chair frequently.
  • A polyester-cotton blend or other weatherproof material may be best for hammock chairs that will live outdoors.


Like most furniture, a hammock chair affects space’s look and feel. Countless color and design combinations make it easier to find a hammock chair suited for the aesthetics of your living room, reading nook, or favorite thinking spot in the woods. A hammock chair in your living room or bedroom will look very different from one you’d plan to pack away and take on trips.

Weight Capacity

The ability of your hammock chair to support more than enough weight is integral to your safety. Mind the manufacturer’s specs for how much weight a hammock chair can support and don’t test its limits. An overstressed hammock chair doesn’t give you a rude awakening or, worse, cause injury. If you plan to steal a nap with your favorite person, make sure you buy one specifically designed to support the weight of two adults. If the hammock chair is specifically designed for a child (or features a load capacity of 100 pounds), it likely won’t support Uncle Mike when he climbs in.

The mode of installation also plays a role in weight capacity. If you don’t use an external frame, do install your hammock chair to proper anchors, like studs or ceiling joists, for the strongest anchoring.


Not all hammock chairs can endure constant exposure to the elements. Making sure your outdoor hammock chair is truly waterproof could mean the difference between enjoying it for years and watching it disintegrate during that time. If outdoor use of a hammock chair is in your future, invest in one made of polyester blends or heavier materials that resist the damaging effects of moisture.

Ease of Installation

Some hammock chair installations can be as simple as tool-free frame assemblage; others can include measuring, stud-finding, and drilling. Think about how you plan to use the hammock as well as the type of installation you’re willing to take on. Will you be hanging your hammock chair from the ceiling or throwing a rope over a tree branch? What tools and skills will you need to locate a ceiling joist or secure it to the porch roof? Will you move it frequently, or will it stay put?

Whatever you decide, make sure your hammock chair is safe, secure, and installed to manufacturer specifications to maximize the enjoyment of your peaceful place.

Our Top Picks

If you’re looking to create a corner for relaxation in the home or backyard, consider these recommendations for the best hammock chair.

Best Overall

Best Hammock Chair Options: XXL Hammock Chair Swing by Hammock Sky

Hammock Sky’s XXL Hammock Chair Swing offers the quintessential hammock chair experience in an affordable package. At 40 inches wide by 73 inches long, the XXL has a 330-pound weight capacity thanks to an extra-thick spreader bar and solid fabric construction, made from a cotton-polyester blend. It also comes with all the necessary hanging hardware. Installation may require a bit of planning, as you’ll want to make sure the hardware is secured to an appropriate anchor point like a stud or rafter.

Though other hammock chairs come equipped with features like sunshades and storage pouches, the XXL shines in its simplicity. (It does, however, include a detachable cup holder so that you can settle in with a refreshment.)

Best Bang For the Buck

Best Hammock Chair Options: Chihee Hammock Chair Large Hammock

The Chihee Hammock Chair is a delight on a lazy afternoon. Multinational Swiss testing lab SGS verified, the elegant Chihee is capable of supporting up to 330 pounds for extended periods and comes in two sizes: large (39 inches wide and 51 inches deep) and XX-large (59 inches wide and nearly 73 inches deep).

The cotton-polyester blend material combines comfort with durability, but that comfort is best enjoyed (or at least stored) indoors. The material may break down if left outdoors for long periods. Luckily, the single-point suspension system makes takedown and storage easy, so moving it indoors when not in use is a snap.

The Chihee falls well below average on the price scale for such a respectable hammock chair, but beware that the hanging hardware is not included.

Most Comfortable

Best Hammock Chair Options: Y- STOP Hammock Chair Hanging Rope Swing

If comfort is your top priority, check out the Y-Stop Hammock Chair Hanging Rope Swing. Some hammock chairs depend on the material of the sling to lend support to those enjoying the hammock life, but this model’s 18-inch cushion creates a bed-like appeal.

Classic styling, a choice of two handsome neutral colors, and a sturdy 40-inch spreader make this choice a tempting candidate for a cozy corner of the room (indoors or on a covered porch). Hanging hardware is included, and safe and secure installation will require a couple of hours, some basic tools, and a little knowledge of how to locate a proper anchor point such as a rafter or stud.

Best Waterproof

Best Hammock Chair Options: GARTIO Hanging Tree Tent

Though it’s a little pricier than some models, the GARTIO Hanging Tree Tent is a worthy and unique take on the modern hammock chair. Part tent, part hammock chair, the Hanging Tree Tent from GARTIO offers shelter from distractions. Made from waterproof oxford cloth, this swinging shelter can hold up to 330 pounds of weight, so children and adults alike can enjoy it. Throw in a couple of pillows, a flashlight, and your favorite book, and this hammock chair graduates to a cozy fort!

The tree tent is great for use indoors and out. The solid design eliminates loops and ropes, making it safe for the kids, whether it’s set up under your favorite tree or hanging by the fireplace. If you plan on taking the tree tent camping, installation can be as easy as slinging a securely tied rope over a tree branch and hooking into the single-point suspension. Indoor or porch installation may require a little drilling and locating of proper anchor points, but after that, simply hang it up and start your vacation.

Best Two-Person

Best Hammock Chair Options: Flower House FHPC100-BRK

The Flower House Hanging Pumpkin Loveseat offers prospective relaxers a 400-pound weight capacity, thick cushion, and space enough for two to climb in. The easygoing styling of the egg seat combined with its versatile weatherproof fabric makes the Pumpkin Loveseat great for either indoor or outdoor use. Moreover, installation is as easy as assembling the stand-alone frame: no drilling, cutting, or stud-finding. The ease of assembly and sturdy design comes at a higher cost, but the cozy factor may be well worth it.

Best Heavy-Duty

Best Hammock Chair Options: Best Choice Products Outdoor

Best Choice Products’ Outdoor Curved Steel Hanging Chaise prioritizes durability in its steel construction, a UV-resistant canopy, and a cantilevered weighting system. The powder-coated steel, water-resistant cushions, and UV-resistant polyester can be left outside in rain or shine. In fact, its shade may be welcome in the backyard or out on a sunny poolside or deck.

The self-supporting cantilevered suspension system supports up to 265 pounds and eliminates the need for messy installation; not much more is required for installation than putting together the frame with a few simple tools. The Curved Steel Hanging Chaise Lounge Chair Swing is strictly a one-person affair, however, due to its ergonomic cushion design. Though a pricier option, the hanging chair’s durable design should help it last a very long time.

Best For Kids

Best Hammock Chair Options: OUTREE Kids Hanging Seat Hammock

Outree’s child-oriented hammock chair comes in several bright color combinations that are wonderfully suited for kids’ bedrooms and play areas. Made of cotton and double-stitched nylon edging, this hammock chair provides a cozy (and sturdy) place to read, relax, or hide out.

If you want to add a touch of whimsy to your child’s life without drilling a hole in the ceiling, this hammock chair will work on a separate hammock stand. Outree’s pod design allows kids to enjoy this hammock chair without danger of strangulation or becoming entangled. The Outree Kids Hanging Seat Hammock may be one of the best hammock chairs for your child, but beware of the unwary adult who tests the 100-pound weight limit.

Honorable Mention

Best Hammock Chair Options: Bengum Hammock Chair Hanging Swing

Crafted with readers in mind, this cotton-polyester hammock chair from Bengum makes it easy to enjoy its 300-pound capacity anywhere you wish. Its single-loop suspension makes relocating easy: Sling a rope over a sturdy tree branch, and you’re good to go. (Indoor installation should involve a stud finder.) An included carrying case means you can easily pack it away to take with you whether you’re heading to the cabin or flying cross-country. Suitable for indoor and outdoor settings, this is a great all-around hammock chair for curling up in with a book.