The Best Indoor Playground for Kids to Stay Active

Keep kids active when rainy days or winter weather keep them inside with one of these indoor playgrounds.

By Tony Carrick | Updated Jan 4, 2021 3:02 PM

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The Best Indoor Playground for Kids Option


Rainy days and cold weather can make it a challenge to keep kids physically active. An indoor playground provides a climate-controlled place for kids to burn off energy. Like their larger outdoor cousins, indoor playgrounds have features that include slides, swings, climbing walls, tunnels, and even basketball hoops. They range in size from larger models that can accommodate kids as old as 8 to smaller playsets designed to help babies and toddlers develop motor skills. These compact playgrounds are typically made from high-grade plastic with rounded edges for durability and safety.

It can be hard to keep kids active while indoor. Indoor playgrounds do just that. They allow your child to use physical activity and play while safely inside. Read on to find the best indoor playground for kids that you can set up in your home.

Our Top Picks

The indoor playgrounds below feature designs aimed at keeping your child safe while engaging them physically with features that both challenge and entertain.

Best Overall

The Best Indoor Playground for Kids Option: ECR4Kids Activity Jungle Gym Climber

With features that encourage kids to climb and crawl, sturdy construction that can withstand rambunctious children, and a small 33-inch by 65-inch footprint that allows it to fit in a playroom or bonus room, this playground from EC4Kids is ideal for indoor recreation. The base features large and small holes for kids to crawl through or use to climb over the playground. Numerous cutouts serve as handholds for climbing and double as windows for kids to look out from inside the structure.

Steps lead to a short slide that can be reversed and used as a second set of stairs for an additional climbing feature. Durable molded plastic eliminates any sharp edges while adding all-weather durability, just in case you want to move it outside. Extra support feet jut out from the base to ensure the playground stays stable and upright as children climb. A no-tools required assembly makes setting up and taking down this model easy.

Best Bang for the Buck

The Best Indoor Playground for Kids Option: Bahom 3 in 1 Climber Slides Playset

This playset features a safety-minded design, making it suitable for kids as young as 6 months old. Its large slide includes a long extension that ensures a soft landing, while large steps with nonslip treads make climbing to the top of the slide safe and easy for little legs.

The large swing has a wide seat to accommodate children of varying sizes, and a front retaining bar prevents younger toddlers from falling out while swinging. An easy-to-use adjuster allows parents to change the height of the swing for children of different heights. The thick ropes with mountaineering locks give the swing a high-weight capacity of 66 pounds. A small basketball net attached to the side of this model allows older children to practice their skills. A matching basketball is included. With its tool-less assembly, setting up this playground is simple.

Best for Toddler

The Best Indoor Playground for Kids Option: Costzon 4 in 1 Toddler Climber and Swing Set

A safe design coupled with fun features makes this model from Costzon an excellent introduction to playgrounds for young children. It includes a small slide and swing, both of which feature safety-minded designs. Nonslip steps with large molded handrails make climbing the slide easy, while an extended flat area at the bottom of the slide eliminates hard landings.

A wide seat on the swing makes for a comfortable ride, and a front T-bar and burly 110-pound weight capacity ensure safe swinging. With its teddy bear and butterfly theme, this indoor playground can be a fun and attractive addition to a young child’s room. At 56 inches wide, 69.6 inches long, and 43.5 inches high, this model is a good option for bedrooms or playrooms that have ample floor space.

Best for School Age Kids

The Best Indoor Playground for Kids Option: ECR4Kids ELR-035 GUS Climb-N-Crawl Caterpillar Tunnel

With a design that appeals to kids ages 3 to 8, Gus the caterpillar is an excellent option for families with school-aged children as well as younger preschoolers. Gus’s tubular body allows kids to climb on top of him or crawl through him. Large holes along his sides make for excellent handholds as well as windows to peek in and out of his body. His rounded corners and smooth plastic prevent injuries to small hands and feet.

Gus’s enormous mouth, big tongue, wide eyes, and multicolored body add color and interest to a playroom or backyard. His body consists of a series of links, allowing him to take on a curved or straight shape. At 7 feet long, this indoor playground is suitable for larger playrooms. If that’s not long enough, Gus’ length can be extended with the purchase of an add-on kit. With his weatherproof, molded plastic body, he can crawl outdoors for backyard play in warmer weather.

Best Soft

The Best Indoor Playground for Kids Option: ECR4Kids ELR-12683 SoftZone Climb and Crawl Play Set

With large soft shapes made from high-density foam, this activity playset is one of the safest ways for young children to practice crawling and climbing. This set includes five geometric shapes, including a wedge, cylinder, half-moon shape, and two box shapes of different sizes. Nonslip bottoms keep each block stable as the child climbs.

Each piece ranges in size from 16 inches by 8 inches to 24 inches by 8 inches and weighs less than 2 pounds, making them manageable enough for young children to experiment with stacking. Each foam piece has a soft synthetic leather cover that is easy on young skin while also durable. With their bright colors, these blocks are suitable for most any playroom or nursery.

Best for Babies

The Best Indoor Playground for Kids Option: Little Tikes Activity Garden Playset

Despite this indoor playset’s small size, it’s loaded with features, all of which are aimed at entertaining babies, infants, and toddlers while helping them to develop a broad range of motor skills. This set has many gadgets and doodads for young children to touch and explore, including a window planter that functions as a ball drop game, shutters that open and close, and a moveable telescope. It also features a working mailbox that teaches children shapes and colors, bug-shaped toys that spin and click, and a piano that encourages musical experimentation.

In addition, this playset is versatile. It opens into a two-sided play center, creating a larger play area for multiple children to play together, or can remain closed to create a smaller play area so all of its features are within arm’s reach of babies and infants. Also, a play panel with buttons, dials, and other manipulatives is removable for portable playtime.

Best Space Saver

The Best Indoor Playground for Kids Option: Gym1 Deluxe Indoor Playground

Finding enough indoor space to let kids get their wiggles out can be a challenge in smaller homes. Gym1 solves this issue with an indoor playground designed to save space while preserving many features of the classic playground. This playground works with a pull-up bar that simply mounts to a standard interior door frame.

The unit installs quickly using two vice grips, making it easy to take this playground down for storage when playtime is over. The bar comes with five different attachments—a swing, climbing rope, trapeze bar, rope ladder, and plastic rings, giving kids plenty of options for burning off pent-up energy. It also functions as a standard pull-up bar and has a 300-pound weight capacity, making it a good option for an adult workout after the kids are worn out. This bar fits 25-inch to 36-inch wide doorways and installs with no drilling required.