These Earthy Color Palettes are as Breathtaking as the National Parks That Inspired Them

See how the National Park Service’s latest campaign can help you find a soothing color palette for your home.

By Katie Nolan | Updated Dec 10, 2020 12:24 PM

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It’s that time of year when brands are announcing their color forecasts for the new year, and one organization is joining the game that you might not expect: the National Park Service (NPS). They’re drawing color inspiration and creating palettes from stunning photos of America’s favorite parks—from the Grand Canyon to Kenai Fjords National Park—and are sharing them on Instagram and Twitter using #NPSColorForecasting

The palettes highlight the diverse scenery across America and the many hues that create these spectacular settings. Whether you’re searching for fiery shades for a burst of energy or subtle colors for a relaxing escape, you have a range of options when it comes to nature-inspired colors. So let America’s landscape and the NPS help you choose your next paint palette.

Soft Sunset at the Grand Canyon


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Golden hour is a favorite time of day when the start of the sunset creates a warm glow, so why not recreate the calming look in your house with help from this photo of the Grand Canyon? The palette captures the transition of the still light blue sky and dusky orange sun, which highlights the salmon and red shades of the rocks. It makes for a colorful yet gentle mix of colors.

Vibrant Views at Rocky Mountain National Park


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The Rocky Mountains are much more than gray stones. This palette picks up on the brilliant landscape, including the olive green grass, dandelion yellow, and cerulean blue sky. It’s the perfect palette for a cheerful, colorful room.

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Bold Blues at Arches National Park


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The evening sky at Arches National Park is the inspiration for this palette. It’s a vibrant array of blues mixed with orange and yellow. If you’re looking to paint a room one of these colors (you can never go wrong with a blue bedroom!), Sherwin-Williams helpfully commented with their matching paint colors.

Muted Mood at Craters of the Moon


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The colors at Craters of the Moon inspire a dark, moody palette. The terrain is a blend of dark blue, green, plum, and brown offset by the burnt orange from the setting sun. Consider this selection for a cozy living room or sophisticated dining room.

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Pretty Pastels at Badlands National Park


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Badlands National Park’s color story contrasts its jagged and rugged landscape. Its rough land is made of dusty pinks, warm yellow, and gentle green. This is the palette you need if you’re looking for soothing colors in your home, like in your office or bedroom.

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