15 Lazy Ways to Make a Big Change in Your Home

You don’t have to break a sweat or break the bank to create fabulous and functional interiors. Take small steps toward style with 15 DIYs that do most of the hard work of smart design for you.

  1. Cut a Rug

    DIY Rug

    This fetching floor piece offers an artful reimagining of a Moroccan Kasbah rug at a fraction of the cost. Trace cardboard cutout shapes in Sharpie on a plain rug to create a knock-off rug that will knock your socks off.

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  2. Wine and Design

    DIY Cork Board

    Give your empty walls and wine bottles a bubbly, new personality with a bulletin board comprising wine corks glued into a shadow box. Personalize the board with lists and reminders to put a cork in forgetfulness.

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  3. Draw the Eye


    To enliven a one-note dresser with your multifaceted character, opt for buffet drawers with mix- and-match knobs. A combination of cast-iron drawer pulls and decorative brass knobs create an eclectic storage solution.

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    Etsy via HouseofKraftsShop

  4. Modern Medicine

    DIY Medicine Cabinet

    Help an ordinary medicine cupboard adopt a more hospitable posture by lining it with contact paper and adding some chalkboard paint. Acrylic organizers lend additional charm and cure clutter.

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  5. Magnetic Personality

    No Sew Curtains

    You reap what you don't sew—in the case of these no-sew blinds. These no-fuss window dressings are designed to let in natural light in no time. Fold the top edge of your favorite fabric and glue magnets into the fold to display these positively magnetic shades that can be installed and removed from a metal door, all without any hardware at all.

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  6. Blue Ribbon Idea

    How to Decorate Shelves

    Ribbon trim can transform ordinary storage into an extraordinary focal point in a room. Weave or tack down colorful ribbons around the edges of bookcases, wire shelves, or pantry racks for design that succeeds with flying colors.

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  7. Clear Vision

    Decorating Bedroom Ideas

    If a limited budget and dimensions have closed the door on your interior design dreams, open up a new possibility with mirrored closet doors. Using mirror adhesive, adorn the faces of the doors with full-length mirrors that reflect elegance from top to bottom.

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  8. Pillowcase Closed

    No Sew Pillow Covers

    Skip the sewing machine and reach for the fabric glue to make these easy no-sew pillows. Stuff the cases with inserts for pillows that are fit to perfection—no tailoring required!

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  9. Dye Job

    Potted Plant

    Dip-dying can upgrade a plain, ceramic garden pot into a cheerful home for your container garden. Dip pots halfway into a bowl of tie-dye and water before drying it and nurturing your indoor plant in style.

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  10. Light Work

    DIY Lampshade

    This dip-dyed lampshade casts a friendly glow while evoking the grandeur of the Northern Lights. Moisten the bottom rim of a cloth lampshade before dipping it into Tulip dye. The dye will travel up along the fibers to create this stunning effect. 

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  11. Wishy-Washi Walls

    Washi Tape Ideas

    If these walls could talk, they might share the secret to their success: washi tape, a paper tape that can embellish barren walls at a bargain price. Make the walls and your eyes pop with a crisscross pattern fashioned from washi tape.

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  12. Living on the Edge

    DIY Pillow

    These no-sew pillowcases use stitch witchery, a hemming adhesive, and rickrack, a braided trimming, to add that certain something. Sandwich the rickrack into the stitch witchery and iron it onto the pillowcase for statement-making, scalloped-edge cushions.

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  13. Raise the Bar

    DIY Stool

    These color-dipped stools will become your go-to bar buddy. To make your own, tape off bargain wooden stools in an attractive pattern and spray paint them to achieve a basic dip-dyed look, stripes, or gradients. Remove the tape and sit back to admire your work.

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  14. A Leg Up

    DIY Table Legs

    This hairpin-leg desk comes together simply with sandpaper, a stained wooden board, and steel hairpin rods that form the table legs. Adjustable leveling feet on the hairpin rods make them hardwood floor-friendly.

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  15. Surge of Creativity

    Washing Machine Style

    For a custom-look washer/dryer set to match a laundry room makeover, there's nothing so easy and and affordable as electrical tape. Adhere the tape in stripes, squares, or a crisscross pattern to create an electric atmosphere.

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  16. Don't Miss!


    Even if you've got your heart set on hardwood flooring, it's worth considering the alternatives. Sometimes, materials that only look like wood can be just as good as—or even better than—the real thing. Explore your options now!