20 Dollar-Store DIYs for Every Room of the House

From upcycling wastebaskets into hampers to transforming wine bottles into tiered serving pieces, these 20 project ideas turn bottom-dollar materials into top-dollar home wares faster than you can say “DIY!”

  1. Magnetic Personalities

    Magnetic Spice Storage

    Looking for the cure to cabinet clutter? You can find it in these deliciously simple to make spice storage canisters. Metal storage containers with clear tops go from bland to spiced-up with the addition of magnetic strips and custom labels. The tins can then be stuck to any metallic kitchen surface, making them perfect for the refrigerator and more.

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  2. Reflective Moment

    Mirrored Storage Boxes

    These magical yet minimalist mirrored planter boxes demonstrate how a decorative accent can be a true reflection of your personality. Bargain beveled mirrors form the sides, with a flat mirror for the base. A little hot glue transforms the assemblage into a sturdy shelter for homegrown plants.

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  3. Picture Perfect

    Photo Fridge Magnets

    If old magazines or snapshots are cluttering your shelves, give them a second life as custom photo magnets. Simply cut the images down to the size of a quarter, glue them to dollar-store glass dragon tears, and adhere magnets to the back to create these photogenic fridge toppers.

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  4. Learn the Ropes

    Laundry Basket from Trash Can

    One man’s trash is a DIYer’s treasure. A case in point: this rope hamper upcycled from little more than a plastic wastebasket. After wrapping the basket in dyed cotton rope and securing the strands with hot glue, fill the whimsical woven bin with garments, towels, or comforters.

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  5. Mat Finish

    No-Sew Placemat Pillow

    Placemats are more than just glamorous guests at the dinner table. When doubled up and plumped with stuffing, then ironed shut with fusing web, they become pretty no-sew pillows to liven up a sofa, chaise, or hammock.

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  6. Novel Idea

    Toy Bookends

    If you’re toying around with DIY decorative accents for the kids’ room, look no further than these bookends. Dollar-store toy elephants are glued to an L-shaped base constructed from pieces of 1x4's and then spray-painted for a playful look at a beastly good bargain.

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  7. Mass Produce

    Tiered Vegetable Stand

    When you’re finished wining and dining your guests, repurpose the empty wine bottles into a showstopping tiered serving tray. Dollar-store plates and bowls form the tiers, while cut-up wine bottle tops take the pretty platter—and your appetizing displays—to new heights.

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  8. Beautiful Blends

    Coffee Cup Succulent Garden

    Kitchen greenery doesn't get any fresher than this coffee-cup succulent garden. To create one of your own, use a permanent marker and a stencil to add custom letters to the cups. Then, fill these whimsical planters with potting soil and succulents, and put your caffeine-free kitchen companions on parade.

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  9. Flying Colors

    Colorful Clothespin Mirror

    Mounted on an entryway wall, this mirror is sure to be the fairest of them all. What’s the secret to this DIY success? Its frame, composed of dyed and dried clothespins affixed to the mirror with heavy-duty adhesive, conveys a modern, multicolored aesthetic that brings a playful vibe to any home.

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  10. String Theory

    Simple Pendant Light

    It’s no wonder why yarn is a minimalist DIYer’s dream material. The thrifty thread can effortlessly update style-devoid home accents. Here, ivory string wrapped around a lackluster lampshade instantly transforms it into a luminous pendant light that's sure to get noticed.

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  11. Free and Clear

    Picture Frame Bedside Tray

    Looked at from a novel vantage point, a dollar-store picture frame can be converted into an elegant organizer. Simply line the base of an acrylic photo frame with contact paper or fabric. Protected by its easy-to-remove lining, the tray serves as a practical accessory for a nightstand or changing table.

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  12. Golden Touch

    Spray-Painted Silverware

    Your guests will never suspect this gilded cutlery's humble origins: a dollar store. To take flatware from forgettable to fabulous, cover the heads of the utensils with painter’s tape. Finish the handles with both gold and clear-coat spray paint to evoke a regal table setting on the cheap.

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  13. Light of the Party

    Cupcake Liner String Lights

    A kitchen staple among home bakers, cupcake liners make as festive an impression on light fixtures as they do on baked goods. Here, cupcake liners and tissue paper are first cut into floral shapes and stacked together. Then each bulb of a set of string lights is pierced through the center of a frilly flower to create a joyful party decoration.

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  14. Writing on the Wall

    To-Do List Tray

    Mounted to the wall, a simple tray serves up as much style as utility. Topped with chalkboard paper and painted with a list template, this thrift-store tray quickly becomes a chalkboard-inspired tablet for tackling to-dos.

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  15. Crafty Cover-Up

    Lampshade Makeover with Tights

    See an old lampshade in a whole new light by dressing it up with chic castoffs from your wardrobe. Here, coral pink nylon tights, cut to size with a rotary cutter and stretched over the lampshade, form a naturally radiant protective cover that appears to emit softly colored light.

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  16. Make the Rounds

    Potato-Stamped Tablecloth

    This dotted tablecloth is sure to make a striking statement, particularly in spaces with simple decor. The bold polka dots are created not by a paintbrush, but rather a potato. Cut in half and dipped in paint, the tater is then repeatedly pressed against a dollar-store drop cloth to create a stunning stipple.

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  17. Do or Dye

    Dyed Hand Towels

    Give yawn-worthy pillowcases, sheets, and towels the TLC they deserve with a thrift-store tie-dye kit. Simply fold and bind lackluster linens with rubber bands before soaking them in an ink bath to create a colorful two-tone motif.

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  18. On the Rise

    Bundt Cake Hanging Planters

    Have your cake and admire it too by hanging these Bundt-pan planters in the kitchen above an island, breakfast bar, or snack station. All you'll need for this DIY are dollar-store Bundt pans filled with succulents and hung from the ceiling with a length of rope or chain and some screw hooks.

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  19. Glazy Days

    Marbled Pitcher

    This artisanal marble pitcher will appear equally at home at a deckside BBQ or in a kitchen outfitted with marble countertops. Dip any plain white ceramic into a bath of water and swirls of nail polish to achieve a gorgeous glazed finish—just in time for festive summer gatherings.

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  20. Medicine Cabinet Makeover

    Contact Paper for the Medicine Cabinet

    Is your medicine cabinet a bit of a bummer? Take the time to clean it out, then remove the shelves and set them aside. Peel and stick some budget contact paper on the inside of the cabinet for an easy and affordable pick-me-up! 

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  21. Dollar DIYs

    Dollar DIYs

    Little upgrades can make a big difference.


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