21 Home Improvement Projects to Put on Your To-Do List for 2021

It doesn’t matter if you’re planning on selling your home in the coming months or looking to stay put for years to come, there are plenty of projects you can do in the new year.
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Home Improvement Projects Worth Tackling

If you’re looking to make some improvements to your home in 2021, there are plenty of projects worth taking on. Whether you’re looking to completely renovate a kitchen, add a home office or just change up some of your fixtures, there’s a project for you. We took a look at some of the trends emerging over the last year and made this list of 21 home improvement projects—from big to small—that are worth considering in 2021.

Kitchen Upgrades

Expect to see upgrades in home kitchens, whether full-on renovations or upgrades to appliances in 2021. Bill Darcy, CEP of the National Kitchen and Bath Association, told Remodeling Magazine
that the kitchen has emerged as a prominent multitasking room. He expects to see larger kitchen island hubs and increased functionality. In addition, the association says gas and induction cooking are currently popular, with induction expected to replace traditional glass electric cooktops.

Outdoor Entertaining Spaces

If you’re thinking about upgrading your outdoor space, you’re not alone. Over the last year, many outdoor design and architect firms have reported a big demand for those looking to improve their outdoor living area, according to Forbes. This project can be as big or as small as your budget allows. Consider adding a deck or patio, building a pergola, enclosing a porch, or upgrading your old patio furniture. To make the space more inviting, just adding an outdoor rug or lantern can help set the mood.

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Replace Old Windows

Is it time to upgrade your home’s windows? If so, consider adding large windows in different areas of the home to allow in more natural light and make the space appear bigger than it actually is. Not to mention, new windows can increase your home’s value, bring a sense of enhanced home security and improve energy efficiency.

Update Your Bathroom

For those considering updates to their bathroom, consider the shower. The National Kitchen and Bath Association’s 2021 Design Trends Research report showed respondents were looking for large, freestanding showers with zero-clearance entry and linear drains. Other emerging trends included self-closing toilet lids, leak detection hardware and bidets.

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Statement Walls

Want to give a tired room a new look? Go for a statement wall! Whether it’s some wallpaper you’ve had your eye on or a rich, bold color, statement walls are becoming more popular. “Next year, I believe we’ll continue to see the resurgence of rich, saturated hues, from jewel tones like ruby and sapphire to earthy shades like cypress and saffron. Designers and homeowners won’t shy away from interiors lavishly swathed in color,” Marie Flanigan, principal of Marie Flanigan Interiors said of 2021 home design color trends.

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Home Offices

Having a room dedicated as a home office is a big bonus according to Zillow, which reports many Americans currently working from home would like to continue even after the pandemic ends. A dedicated home office space—whether it be a guest bedroom or an area in a finished basement—makes it easier for those who work from home to concentrate and separate work life from home life.

Kitchen Organizing Solutions

If kitchen improvement is at the top of your to-do list but you don’t have a big budget, consider a plan for upgrading your storage solutions. Try pull-out drawers, banquettes that can double as seating and storage, and wall built-ins. Even investing in bins to store items in your pantry and cupboards can help with organization.

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Throwback Styles

Mid-century design isn’t dead and even Victorian-era and Art Deco styles are reemerging according to a survey by interior design service Modsy. Mid-century furniture is appealing because it’s not only stylish, but it’s functional and comfortable and it works well in smaller spaces, so consider adding a piece or two to your collection in 2021.

Closed Floor Plans

If you’re building, buying or planning a big home renovation in 2021, take note: Many families are finding out that open floor plans may not be for them anymore with so many both working and doing school at home. Many homebuilders have reported over the last few months that buyers are having second thoughts when it comes to open floor plans. “People are feeling like they need more privacy, so we’ll see more doors—especially for home offices—more insulation for noise control, and separate spaces to keep the kids busy while parents work,” Katie Detwiler, vice president of marketing at Berks Homes told Zillow.

Make it Comfortable and Clean

Marie Kondo and her system of organizing became a sensation over the last few years for good reason: No one wants a space that feels cluttered or cramped. Make 2021 the year you vow to keep your home comfortable, clean, and uncluttered. This home improvement project is an inexpensive way to make your space feel less cramped and gives you the opportunity to decorate with simplistic decor, which is in strong demand according to Remodeling Magazine

Update Your Home’s Exterior

Whether you plan to sell soon or stay for several more years, improvements to your home’s exterior are worth your money and your time. You’ll recoup 74 to 77 percent of your costs with a siding replacement and 68 percent of your costs with an entry door replacement, according to a 2020 cost vs. value report. Roof, garage door and window replacements are also top options.

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Create a “Zoom Room”

If you’re going to be doing regular video conferencing from home, considering adding a “Zoom room.” It doesn’t matter if it’s for work or for school, this space can be a dedicated room or corner of your home that features an aesthetically pleasing background for those video calls. predicts the dedicated video room trend will likely persist beyond the pandemic.

Matte and Brushed Finishes

An inexpensive home improvement project that is worth your time is an upgrade to your finishes and fixtures. Right now, matte and brushed finishes are the most popular when it comes to the kitchen, according to the National Kitchen and Bath Association’s 2021 Design Trends Research report. Hands-free features are also a must-have for many homeowners.

Two-Tone Cabinets

Another budget friendly improvement is painting your kitchen cabinets. If you take this project on in 2021, don’t feel like you need to keep your cabinets all the same color. Two-tone cabinets have become more popular over the last year and the trend will continue into 2021. For example, paint your overhead cabinets white and your lower cabinets in a bold color such as a deep blue or green.

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Go Big with Color

Speaking of color, now’s a good time to update the paint color in the rooms you spend the most time in. Trending colors going into 2021 lean toward warmer tones and those that bring a comfortable feel to the home, according to Consumer Reports. Colors such as blush pinks, soothing greens, pale blues and vibrant cobalts are big right now, according to major paint manufacturers such as PPG, Valspar, Behr and Sherwin-Williams.

Easy Care Materials

Families with children and/or pets are looking for easy-to-clean materials in an attempt to stop the spread of germs inside the home. Think non-porous materials such as quartz, metal and glass, all of which are easy to clean. Washable rugs will help stand up to daily wear and make a great option for those with pets or with young children doing distance learning at home.

Cheery Laundry Rooms

Perhaps 2021 is the year to make your laundry room a more enjoyable space to spend time in. After all, if you have to do laundry you might as well make it as pleasant as possible. Houzz, a website that focuses on interior design, architecture, and decorating, reports they are seeing laundry rooms in fun, bright colors and patterns that add plenty of personality to traditionally dull areas of the home.

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Sustainable Design

Expect to see homes with eco-friendly designs in 2021. From smart homes and living walls and roofs to bamboo flooring and even tiny homes, builders and homeowners are looking for sustainable options when it comes to home improvement. “As people are beginning to become more environmentally aware, builders all over the world are starting to adapt different environmentally friendly ways to create beautiful, livable homes that are not detrimental to the environment. Designers are also striving to create aspects of the home that will be practical and attractive while also being kind to the environment,” notes Modlar, a company that connects the architecture and design community with leading brands.

Radiant Floor Heating

No one wants to step on a cold floor on a frigid winter morning. When it comes to home comfort, radiant floor heating rises to the challenge and homeowners are taking note. In fact, the National Kitchen and Bath Association’s 2021 Design Trends Research report lists radiant flooring as one of the top bathroom trends to keep an eye on.

Exercise Rooms

With more people spending time at home in 2020, it’s no surprise that home gyms are becoming more popular and show no sign of slowing down in the next year. Sales of fitness equipment grew by 170 percent during the coronavirus lockdown according to Business Wire. In fact, nine in 10 Americans who exercise regularly say they plan to continue home workouts even after the pandemic according to Beachbody, a health and fitness company in California.

Wood Accents

Designers note a mix of materials, especially wood, will be big when it comes to interior design and decorating in 2021. Wood not only gives a cozy feel to a space, but is easy to decorate with and every piece is unique, thanks to the veins and shades of colors and imperfections. Try adding a wooden coffee table, dining chairs or furniture with wood accents.