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9 Kits for an Instant Kids’ Clubhouse

It's pretty much every kid's dream to have a secret hideout right in the backyard. Building even a simple treehouse, however, takes design and construction skills, time, and more than a few splinters. If you don't think you've got what it takes to build something from scratch, you can still give the little ones their very own playhouse. As long as you're pretty good at reading instructions—just draw on your previous IKEA furniture assembly experiences—these kits give you everything you need to construct an awesome place to play.

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Whimsical Raised Cottage


This cheerful, cockeyed little house is straight out of a Dr. Seuss book, but it’s packed with as much play potential as charm. The slide will keep kids busy for hours, and tiny skylights on the roof bathe the interior in light. Available at Wayfair; $599.99.

Hobbit Hole


Here’s a playhouse that’s truly the perfect size for little ones. Kids will love the snug and secret feeling of this “Lord of the Rings”-inspired playhouse, and parents will love how easy it is to assemble. The design offers a lot of versatility too—once the kids outgrow it, the structure can morph into a little storage shed or even a chicken coop. Available at Etsy; $2,495.

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Beachside Playhouse


With a playhouse that just oozes coastal charm, whenever you look out at your backyard, you’ll think you’re vacationing in Cape Cod. The child-size Dutch door adds a little something extra, while a grown-up size door lets adults join the kiddos for playtime or clean up. Available on Amazon; $1,833.

Play Fort and Swing Set


Cute and classic, this multipurpose playhouse will entertain the kids without eating up the entire backyard. The solid wooden structure boasts fun essentials like a slide, rock wall, and a swing as well as thoughtful details that include tiny shutters, a little window box, and a cheery awning—perfect for imaginative play. Available on Amazon; $1,434.

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Cozy Cottage


This is a classic cottage—only in miniature—with an attention to detail that really sets it apart from the pack. With a shiny door knocker, dormer windows, and intricate molding, this pint-size home looks and feels like the real deal. Available on Amazon; $3,000.

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Simplicity Itself


Small but mighty! This scaled-down wooden playhouse with bright red accents is just big enough for two kids to play together comfortably and will fit nicely into almost any size backyard. Plus, its smaller stature will make for a quick and easy assembly. Available on Amazon; $298.

Gingerbread Cottage


Perfect for any storybook-loving child, this gingerbread cottage is embellished with a faux chimney, attic window, and scalloped trim straight out of a fairytale. In this idyllic setting, a container garden on the front porch enhances the romantic appeal. Available on Amazon; $2,416.

Lookout Tower


What kid could resist this massive playset? It’s equipped with a slide, rock wall, sandbox, monkey bars, and multiple swings—a small army of kids could play on this structure without tripping all over each other. Our favorite feature is the cool crow’s nest, complete with a telescope! Available on Amazon; $1,265.

Loft Bed Fort


For fun without the sun, here’s an unusual loft bed that doubles as an indoor play fort. With the addition of this unlikely perch, your kid’s bedroom can suddenly become the place to be at playtime. The area underneath the bed can be used to store toys or serve as a secret hideout. The only problem may be persuading your little ones to hit the hay when it’s lights out. Available at Etsy; $1,200.

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