The 12 Paint Colors You're Going to See Everywhere in 2017

What's on the horizon for paint colors in the year ahead? Industry experts are predicting an embrace of warmer, more comforting hues that create a visual retreat from the fast pace of everyday life. "Home decor trends for 2017 reflect society's urge to find space apart from constant connectedness," confirms Dee Schlotter, color marketing manager for PPG and Olympic Paints. Whether you're drawn to soothing pastels, bright colors, or classic neutrals, look for shades with warm undertones to revitalize both your home and your mood. Sue Wadden, director of color marketing for Sherwin-Williams, says that homeowners "yearn for spaces that feel welcoming and hug them as they enter." We couldn't agree more! Here are the 12 top picks poised to do just that.

Cloudberry by Olympic

Cloudberry, Olympic

"Cloudberry is a serene soft violet that conveys retreat from the pressures of daily life," says Dee Schlotter, color marketing manager for Olympic Paints. "It's a refreshing and soothing hue that makes any room a sanctuary." To get the look in your home, pair Cloudberry with classic neutrals like gray and white as well as warm wood tones.

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Poised Taupe by Sherwin-Williams

Poised Taupe, Sherwin-Williams

"Poised Taupe celebrates everything people love about gray as a neutral and also brings in the warmth of brown," says Sue Wadden, director of color marketing for Sherwin-Williams. "It's a weathered, woodsy neutral that brings a sense of coziness and harmony that people are seeking." When trimmed in white, the versatile hue can stand on its own as the only color in the room, or act as a backdrop for a lively mix of pastels, brights, or jewel tones.

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Shadow by Benjamin Moore

Shadow, Benjamin Moore

Exhibiting a rich, saturated amethyst hue, Shadow has been named Benjamin Moore's Color of the Year for 2017. What makes the color special when used indoors is its ability to transform in response to different light at different times of the day, revealing more depth in sunlight, and smoky undertones at night. "Shadow is a master of ambience," confirms Ellen O'Neill, creative director for Benjamin Moore. "It can bring energy to a space, or a moment of respite."

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Smoke Infusion/Rock Solid by Valspar

Smoke Infusion/Rock Solid, Valspar

The popularity of gray in home decor will continue after January, but shades with warm undertones will be especially sought after. A perfect example is this hue from Valspar's Colors of the Year for 2017, which will be sold under the name Smoke Infusion at Lowe's and Rock Solid at Ace Hardware and other independent sources. Pair the dusky gray with crisp white for a sophisticated air, or layer brighter accents for a cozy vibe.

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Autumn Russet/Red Maple by Valspar

Autumn Russet/Red Maple, Valspar

Instantly welcoming in any setting, this baked terra-cotta color—called Autumn Russet at Lowe's and Red Maple at Ace Hardware and independent shops—channels the spirit of worn leather and salvaged wood. "The balance of orange and red with a splash of brown gives this shade a warm, weathered look," says Sue Kim, color strategist at Valspar. Sepia tones and deep metallics like bronze and pewter look particularly lovely with this color.

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Daisy Spell/Dear Melissa by Valspar

Daisy Spell/Dear Melissa, Valspar

Many words could be used to describe this luminous yellow, but there's one that captures its mood best of all—optimistic. "This color can fill a room with light and awaken all five senses," Sue Kim notes. Called Daisy Spell at Lowe's and Dear Melissa at Ace Hardware and independent stores, the cheerful hue can be paired with floral fabrics for a laid-back room with traditional style. Want to make it a bit more modern? Try sleek black and white accents instead. 

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Byzantine Blue by Glidden

Byzantine Blue, Glidden

"The name may say blue, but this color is truly a purple in disguise," reveals Misty Yeomans, color marketing manager for Glidden Paints. According to Yeomans, Byzantine Blue works particularly well with concentrated earthy colors that promote a sense of tranquility and wellness, from brown-bag tones and driftwood neutrals to charcoal and gray-infused blues and greens. "Byzantine Blue is elegant enough for any homeowner's style."

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Almost Ripe by Colorhouse

Almost Ripe, Colorhouse

Part of the Brazil Collection from Colorhouse—six saturated hues inspired by the natural beauty of Brazil—Almost Ripe is a complex yellow, verging on green, that conveys boundless energy wherever it's used. If you're feeling bold, let the color stand alone and steal the show. To calm it down, add accents in light peach and grounding greens.

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Violet Verbena by PPG

Violet Verbena, PPG

"Violet Verbena is both nostalgic and modern, both polished and playful," says Dee Schlotter, color marketing manager for PPG. The blend of gray and violet allows the hue to adapt to its surroundings. "When paired with dark neutrals, the color unveils gray undertones, but when used with whites, it reads as a purer purple," Schlotter says. Purple is thought to inspire creativity, so it's a great choice for a home office, small bedroom, or studio.

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Life Is a Peach by Behr

Life is a Peach, Behr

In place of a single color of the year, Behr Paints has curated 20 distinct hues for 2017 that represent three lifestyle themes: Comfortable, Composed, and Confident. Life Is a Peach is a warm pink from the Comfortable Palette. "Recently, pastels have transformed from sweet to mineral matte shades," says Erika Woelfel, the vice president of color and creative services. "Pale hues like these can be energized with bright accents of yellow, orange, or bold green."

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Polished Aqua by Behr

Polished Aqua, Behr

Part of Behr's Composed Palette for 2017, Polished Aqua is a light blue-green that fosters a quiet, relaxing mood. "The earth-inspired tones of the Composed Palette, including Polished Aqua, are reminiscent of traditional grandeur," Erika Woelfel points out, "but they also offer a contemporary look when combined with gray, black, or white."

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Fired Up by Behr

Fired Up, Behr

Fired Up represents the saturated, energetic hues of Behr's Confident Palette. This midcentury modern orange captures attention and invigorates any space. "The Confident Palette is all about vivaciousness and impact," Erika Woelfel says. The best part of Behr's Comfortable, Composed, and Confident collections? All 20 colors were chosen to mix and match harmoniously with each other. 2017 is definitely a good year to have fun with color!

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