With a dense hodgepodge of flowers, edible fruits, and veggies, these gardens are quaint and imperfect.

2. Minimalist  Outdoor Space

Find calm and contentment by taking away the extra stuff, and highlighting your yard’s simple, natural beauty.

Fill it with fish and pond plants, such as horsetail, taro, or  water lilies.

Garden beds are very versatile. Place them in areas where they’ll get the right amount of sun and flowers will thrive.

5. Minimal Mowing

Instead of grass, build a deck or terrace to extend your living space.

Not only is a vegetable garden a charming backyard landscaping idea, but it also provides you with a hobby that gets you outside in the fresh air.

Pick a fence with decorative appeal and enhance it with some creeping plants, outdoor lights, or weather-resistant art.

Depending on your outdoor landscaping decor, walkways can be simple rocks, marble or cement tiles, wood planks, decorative concrete, and more.

9. Starry String Lights

From classic Edison bulbs to novelty chili peppers, string lights come in several designs to suit a variety of style preferences.

Bond over a fireside chat, stay warm while stargazing, have a date night in your own backyard, roast marshmallows, or just get mesmerized watching the flames flicker and dance around.

Your outdoor kitchen may include a barbecue grill with cooking elements, pizza oven, blender, outdoor fridge, or outdoor sink.

12. Place for Kids to Play

From sandboxes to playgrounds, kids require an outdoor area that’s just for them–otherwise their games may encroach on other areas of your landscaping that you want them to avoid.

Wouldn’t it be great to have your own chicken coop in the backyard? Fresh eggs as often as you like, and the potential to start a small  urban farm.

Stop fumbling around in the dark, and shine some light into areas of your backyard.

Serious DIYers may embrace the challenge of creating a bespoke bar setup by the pool or in their outdoor living room, while others may prefer to spend the money to get a bar setup.