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10 Thrifty DIY Ways to Organize Your Home

Life works so much better when it’s organized. But many of us worry that it will take too much money to get all the right storage solutions, all those beautiful, trendy—and expensive—baskets and bins. Who wants to spend hundreds of dollars just to put things away? Luckily, the Internet is teeming with DIY organizational ideas, tips, and tricks. You very likely have some items in your house right now, like cereal boxes and picture frames, that can be upcycled into great organization tools. For example, who knew that Grandma’s old bread box could cure your counter of gadget overload? Check out our favorite DIY ways to clear the clutter, gathered from around the Web.

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The kitchen counter is often a gadget magnet, and it also tends to attract a mountain of keys, sunglasses, and everything else. If this sounds all too familiar, consider creating an electronic charging station out of an ordinary bread box. Add a pretty paper-covered shelf inside, and drill a few holes to snake cords into the back. This solution is perfect for keeping all those phones and tablets hidden away when they’re not in use.

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If you don’t have floor space in your closet to straighten out your shoes, look up. Mount some crown molding onto the wall and hang your footwear! Not only will your shoes be brought into order, they’ll give your wall some style as well.

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Left in an untamed drawer or box, jewelry becomes tangled and twisted. Straighten out the mess by stowing all those adornments neatly in a drawer outfitted with small teacups, saucers, and ramekins. You can even categorize by color or kind. Either way, you’ll never again have to go rummaging for a lost earring.

Gardening Tools

A shipping pallet makes an ideal corral for large gardening and yard tools like shovels, rakes, hoes, and the like. Mount the pallet to the wall, and remove all but a couple of boards on the front side. Your tools will slide in and stand up just where you put them until they’re needed again.

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If your laundry room is always in chaos, take a cue from this clutter killer. To make your own, construct a simple four-sided box out of plywood, and then screw lengths of metal angle on the insides to serve as runners. Pick up some appropriately sized plastic laundry baskets, and you’re now in control!

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Cord Management

This super inexpensive and easy idea will help manage tangled and problematic wires. Just attach binder clips to the back of your desk with a washer and screw, and then run the cords through to keep them up and out of the way. It’s just as easy to remove cords as it is to add them.

Craft Supplies

Cardboard toilet paper and packing tubes can bring order to craft supplies. Stand the tubes up in a plastic bin or basket to create the perfect pockets for pencils, markers, paintbrushes, scissors, and crayons. Who says art has to be messy?

Magazine Files

A series of magazine files can quickly straighten up a cluttered collection of paper and publications. Don’t buy them—DIY them by covering cereal boxes with pretty paper. You can organize very quickly and cheaply with a handful of these.


Never again have to ask, “Where are my keys?” Make them a spot of their own by adding a few cup hooks to an empty picture frame and mounting it to the wall. All the key rings will be up off the counter, tidy, and at the ready whenever needed.

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Whether mail is coming or going, it can easily get lost in the shuffle. Keep it orderly in the slats of a window shutter. Whether you repurpose one from a garage sale or buy one from the craft store to custom decorate, this strategically placed shutter will make your trip in or out the front door easier.

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