10 Ways to Use Leather in Your Next Project

Leather is a material that is often equated with luxury, which is why leather can really give your DIY projects that extra-special touch. And despite its luxe rep, it's a pleasure to work with. Because leather is easy to cut and puncture, it can be stitched into pouches and covers for a variety of personal items. It's also a great surfacing material that can be glued in place and is sturdy enough to bear weight. Leather can be used in large-scale projects as well as a slew of small DIY creations that require just scraps of leather or suede, so nothing has to go to waste. Click through our gallery for some leather swag that you can make yourself.

Eye on the Prize

Leather Projects

You can make this simple eyeglass case by gluing a layer of leather to felt, cutting out the case, and then decorating it with stenciled triangles. (The stencil is made by using an X-acto knife to cut out a small triangle in painter's tape.) The U-shaped piece of leather is then folded in half and stitched together.


Clip-On Style

Tie Clip

This simple, customizable leather tie clip would make a great gift for the guy who has everything. It is made by stamping a small piece of leather and attaching it with heavy-duty glue to a tie clip backing. 


Checked Baggage

DIY Luggage Tags

Make this no-sew DIY luggage tag by cutting two pieces of leather into the shape of a luggage tag and using an X-acto knife to cut a flap into one of the pieces. A small sheet of vellum is glued between them, leaving room for a card to slide inside.



Passport Holder

This DIY leather passport holder looks luxurious, but it's fairly simple to make. Just download and print a passport-holder pattern and punch holes in the perimeters of the pieces with an awl. Stitch the pieces in place with waxed linen thread.


Take a Seat

Leather Projects

Add DIY flair to a store-bought piece with this chic leather stool cover. Cut two pieces of leather large enough to cover the diameter plus the thickness of the stool's seat. Cut appropriate holes in the bottom piece to allow for the legs. Line up the circles and punch holes in both layers at once, then stitch up with cord.


Put a Cork in It

How to Make Coasters

Amp up the style of your next party with durable and posh leather coasters. Simply cut out a circular piece of cork and a circular piece of leather, then glue them together. Now you're ready to toss back a few drinks with panache.

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Time for Style

Leather Projects

This DIY wall clock features a layer of rich gray leather and can be assembled in no time. It is made by attaching a clock mechanism to a cork backing that's been covered with leather.


Strap Shelving

Leather Projects

In lieu of bulky brackets, use strips of leather to suspend wall shelving. Simply cut two pieces of leather to equal lengths, fold in half, and attach the loops to the wall using a screw. This project could also be done using old leather belts.

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Page Turner

DIY bookmark

All bookworms need a good bookmark that inspires them to keep reading. To make this colorful bookmark, cut a rectangular piece of leather into long strips and paint part of it to create a “dipped” effect. This simple DIY is a great way to use leather scraps from other projects.

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Control Freak

Leather Projects

Power cords can quickly become a tangled mess. Keep everything in order—and even inject a bit of style—with a leather cord organizer. It is as easy as cutting a piece of leather into the desired shape and sewing on a snap. Dress up the cord itself with washi tape for added flair.


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