11 Things to Do Now for Your Best-Ever Backyard

Winter may be hanging on, but spring is just around the corner. If you're suffering from a bout of spring fever, take on one of these 12 projects that will give you a step up on the warm-weather season.

  1. Start Indoor Seeds

    Start a Vegetable Garden from Seeds

    Late winter is the perfect time to start seeds indoors for your vegetable garden. Broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, and head lettuce are all good plants to start six to eight weeks before the date of your last expected frost. Watching those seedlings sprout will certainly get you in the gardening mood, no matter how cold it is outside.

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  2. Prune Fruit Trees

    Prune Fruit Trees

    The best time to prune fruit trees is while they're dormant, right after the dead of winter but before the beginning of spring. Head outside on a day that's neither wet nor too cold so you can clearly assess what needs to be cut, then trim as needed to create a clear canvas for a flush of fresh growth come spring.

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  3. Construct a Planter

    Build a Planter

    When you finally see those spring flowers at your local nursery or home improvement store, you're probably going to want to load up your cart with them. Prepare for this horticultural binge by building some planters to house your soon-to-be-bought blooms. 

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  4. Test Your Soil

    Test Your Soil

    Test your soil now to see if you need to make any amendments before spring. Send a soil sample to your local extension office, or pick up a test kit at your local home improvement store. Testing is quick and simple, and will give you all the information you need to create a healthy environment for your lawn and garden at the start of the growing season.

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  5. Place Planting Orders

    Order Seeds for Planting

    Have you received any seed or nursery catalogs? Now’s the time to put in your order! Order perennials and seeds so they'll arrive in time for planting before the last frost.

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  6. Clean Out Containers

    Clean Plant Pots

    Pests and diseases can overwinter in soil, so thoroughly wash and disinfect all your pots and planters to rid them of unwanted guests. Once they're clean, they’ll be ready to host new plants this spring.

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  7. Force Flowers

    Grow Plants from Cuttings

    Nothing will make those last weeks of winter more bearable than having fresh-cut flowers inside to brighten up your home. You can force early spring bloomers like forsythia and pussy willow by cutting them, bringing them indoors, and placing them in warm water in a sunny spot. In a week or two, you’ll have a burst of color to inspire you as you plan your garden.

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  8. Gear Up the Garage

    Clean Out the Garage

    On a mild day, move cold-weather tools like snowblowers, snow shovels, sleds, and scrapers to the back of the garage or into storage. Replace them with your gardening gear so you're ready to take on spring as soon as the temps show it's time.

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  9. Plant Cool-Weather Veggies

    Plant Seasonal Vegetables

    If you just can’t wait to put some seeds in the soil, you’re in luck. Late February and early March are the right time to plant low-maintenance vegetables like broccoli rabe, kale, and spinach. Pick up some seed packets and sow them right in the ground. Come April, you’ll be harvesting a nonstop crop of fresh produce for dinner.

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  10. Build a Compost Bin

    Build a Compost Bin

    Compost is as valuable to a gardener as gold (hence the nickname “black gold”). Build a compost bin so you can stock up on your own supply to enrich the soil in your landscaping beds and planters. There are plenty of designs out there, and many that you can DIY as soon as this coming weekend.

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  11. Mower Maintenance

    Tune-Up Your Lawn Mower

    Spring is when dormant lawn grasses come back to life and enjoy a big growth spurt. Once that grass starts to grow, it can be hard to keep up with if you're not prepared. Make sure your lawn mower is ready to go by giving it a spring tune-up.

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  12. Delayed Gratification

    Delayed Gratification

    Taking care of these landscaping chores now will give you time later to actually enjoy your yard come the warm weather.


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