11 “Zero Dollar” Ways to Organize Your Kitchen Cabinets

You don’t need unlimited funds to put a stopper on overflowing kitchen cabinets. These 11 DIYs can transform even the most cluttered cupboard into an organizational oasis—all with near zero cost, time, or effort.

  1. Top-Shelf Idea

    Wire Rack Pot Organizer

    Cure cabinet chaos on the cheap with a storage solution borrowed from your workspace. Stash an off-duty office organizer inside a deep cabinet to provide a perch for pots and pans, lids, and other tools of the culinary trade. As an added bonus, this organizer can be transferred to the countertop to store your favorite recipe books.

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  2. By Hook or by Cook

    Organizational Hooks in the Cabinet

    Steal a few hooks from the entryway, add a dash of inspiration, and you have all the makings of a baker-friendly cabinet. Start by mounting a key rail or self-stick plastic hooks to the back of a cabinet. Then, hang measuring cups and spoons, whisks, and mixer attachments to create an organizational oasis fit for a pastry chef.

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  3. Rule with a Rod

    Install tension rod under sink

    Rescue your under-sink cabinet from clutter by enlisting help from a bathroom basic. Secure a tension rod to the sidewalls of the cabinet to create hanging space for any cleanser that comes in a spray bottle. With the floor of the cabinet clear, you'll have plenty of room to stash baskets filled with brushes and sponges and other cleaning staples.

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  4. Room for Boards

    Cabinet Door Organizer

    It seems there's no good way to store cutting boards. They're sometimes too tall to be stored vertically on a shelf, and when laid flat, they take up valuable real estate that could be used for cookware. This bespoke behind-the-door organizer offers an elegant solution to the problem. Here, scrap wood is secured to the inside of cabinet doors with screws and L-brackets—just the right size for caching a collection of cutting boards.

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  5. Never Bin Better

    Storage Bins in the Cabinet

    Left on shelves or in drawers, heavy kitchen essentials like cast-iron pans and ceramics can topple over or even crush more fragile items in the vicinity. Stash them instead in bargain baskets and bins on the floor of a cabinet to keep them safe and secure—and out of sight.

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  6. Soup’s On

    Soup Can Organizer

    Why splurge on a commercial can stacker to stem the avalanche of soup cans in the cabinet? You can make your own bargain version at home from an empty soda-can box. Cut a hole in the top of the box large enough to fit a soup can, then glue decorative paper to all four sides of the box to conceal its humble origins.

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  7. Think Outside the Box

    Pantry Storage Jars

    Those boxes of pasta, rice, and dried goods in the cabinet may hold the makings of home-cooked comfort food, but they can also make already crowded shelves too cramped for comfort. Transfer their contents into space-smart glass jars to bring visual order to a pantry cabinet.

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  8. Stick to It

    Pantry Storage Labels

    Even a cleverly conceived pantry organizer isn’t complete without labels. With stylish stickers made from adhesive vinyl letters, you'll never have to guess what's in stock. Adhere the labels to the front of each storage canister to identify foods in a jiffy and avoid “oops” moments during your next baking session.

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  9. It’s a Wrap

    Command Hook Foil Storage Idea

    If bulky boxes of plastic wrap and aluminum foil are adding to the chaos of your kitchen cabinets or jam-packed drawers, transplant them to the back of a cabinet door. Secure two self-adhesive hooks to the wall for every holder, then slide the ends of each box around the hooks to keep them in close reach for wrapping up leftovers.

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  10. Spiced-Up Storage

    Scrap Wood Spice Rack

    Variety is the spice of life—so why not change up your storage with a new behind-the-door spice rack? Assemble scrap wood, a wooden dowel, and a few screws into a lightweight shelf. Secure the rack to an interior cabinet door lined with decorative contact paper to store your aromatics in style.

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  11. Group Mentality

    Kitchen Cabinet Organization Idea

    How you arrange items in your cabinets is as important as what you choose to store in them. Take stock of your pantry and categorize items by type—for example, baking supplies, dry goods, spices, and canned goods. Once everything's been sorted, stash like items into designated bins to make searching and scavenging for ingredients a thing of the past.

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