18 Clever Storage Solutions You Can DIY for Free

Struggling to create order in the chaos of a full house? These 18 space-smart DIY furnishings and home accents will help you manage your humble home in an ultrafunctional new way!

By Manasa Reddigari | Updated Apr 26, 2016 11:24 AM

All Sorted

Store Pots and Pans with Paper Sorters

Is your jam-packed kitchen cabinet just one pot or pan away from a cookware avalanche? Arrange bargain paper sorters on your shelves to instantly curb cabinet chaos. Situated horizontally or vertically, these racks can wrangle cookware, cutting boards, and even recipe books!

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Totally Tubular

Build a Shoe Rack with Boxes

If your current shoe storage solution is all tied up in knots, gather cardboard shipping boxes and try this zero-dollar geometric shoe rack on for size. Fold flattened boxes into triangular tubes, then stack and glue them into alternating rows to give your sandals and sneakers a luxury footrest.

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A Crate Start

Repurpose a Crate for DIY Shelving

This durable wine crate shelf takes an elevated approach to countertop clutter. To achieve a similar look, thoroughly clean a wooden crate, stain it as desired, and mount the bottom of the crate on the wall, over a microwave, or under a cabinet to serve up stylish storage.

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Flip Your Lid

Store Your Toothbrushes with Jar Lids

It takes just minutes and a few jar lids to create these oh-so-sweet storage cavities for loose toothbrushes. After cutting a notch into the lids and spray painting them, adhere them to the wall with Velcro for an off-the-wall storage solution.

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Take Charge of Cords

Make a Charging Station from a Shoebox

Don’t discard that old shoebox; it’s more powerful than you think! Cut large holes in the back of the shoebox and smaller holes in the front to accommodate book plates. After you apply a coat of paint in an energizing color, stash a power strip inside your DIY charging station to combat cord chaos.

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Hanging Out

Organize Under the Sink with Tension Rods

If your cleaning supplies are running amok in the kitchen cabinet under the sink, rise to the occasion with this crafty sink storage solution. Hang bottles of household products from a tension rod installed inside the cabinet, thereby freeing up the floor of the cabinet for sponges and other cleaning companions.

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New Keys on the Block

Repurpose Kids' Toys as Key Racks

Round up lost keys with this playful key ring holder and note board in one. After affixing a Lego baseplate to a wall, thread several small Lego plates that have holes in them onto key rings, and attach them to the baseplate. Add additional Legos to form words, or a hinged piece to hold everyday reminders.

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YouTube via DaveHax

Reinvent the Wheel

Get Creative with Shelving

When your little ones are done taking a whirl on the half-pipe, repurpose their sports gear into this skateboard shelf by screwing L-brackets to the wall and resting a skateboard on top. When the shelf isn’t supporting toys and trinkets, lift it from the L-brackets to take it for a ride!

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Out of the Woods

Repurposed Branch Pot Rack

The ruggedness and rustic charm of this DIY hanging pot rack make it the perfect addition to a farmhouse-style kitchen. Traipse through your own backyard to look for branches of birch or other durable woods. If you find a long, sturdy one, hang it above the stove to stay organized and connected to nature at the same time.

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Stepped-Up Storage

Add a Ladder for Laundry Room Storage

Upcycle an old ladder and harness its vintage appeal with this DIY laundry shelf. Screw wood planks to the underside of the ladder rail and attach wooden dowels to the rails to make a hanger rung. Drill the angled rail flush against the wall, and you’re ready to stash towels, wicker baskets, and more!

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Below the Belt

Turn Belts and Scrap Wood into a Memo Board

Inspired by the work of Dutch painter Evert Collier, this clever craft repurposes old garment belts into a modern memo board. It's assembled simply, using two wood planks strung horizontally with belts. Mount the plank to the wall with picture-hanging hardware to keep your photos, notes, and reminders within easy reach.

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Ready to Roll

Roll in a Bar Cart for Easy Bathroom Storage

Borrow the bar cart from your living room whenever you need no-hassle storage in another part of the house. When rolled into the bath, this repurposed furnishing serves up towels and toiletries "à la cart"! You can even use it to carry a bottle of bubbly with you to the bubble bath!

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Making Broom

Organize Your Office Supplies with a Shop Broom

With a bit of ingenuity, you can repurpose a dusty old broom head into a crafty supply holder—without harming a bristle on its head! Fill the bristles of a broom head with pens, pencils, and other stationery supplies to create an organizer fit for an eclectic craft room or home office.

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Take It From Your Tool Kit

Hang Up This DIY Coat Rack

This homemade coat rack pays homage to one of the most essential tools of the DIYer’s trade: the humble screwdriver. After dip-dyeing the handles of clean screwdrivers, drill holes into an oak table leg and insert the tools into the holes. Affix the coat rack to the wall to leave your wet winter gear high and dry.

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Expensive Taste

DIY This Wine Rack from Coffee Cans

Thirsty for an affordable DIY project? Upcycle your coffee cans into this color-blocked wine rack. Spray-paint the inside of label-free cans in a vivid hue, and the outside in white for a two-tone finish. Arrange and glue the cans in stacked rows for a wine stash that makes a splash!

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One for the Books

Stash Secret Stuff in an Old Book

You can’t judge this DIY book safe by its cover! When the cover is lifted, this book nook reveals a treasure trove of valuables—from cash to jewelry! To create your own secret library treasure box, use this tutorial that lets you turn an old book into a stealthy container for your prized valuables.

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Cold Case

Store Small Pieces in an Ice Cube Tray

Instead of giving your old ice cube trays the cold shoulder in the kitchen, put them to work in the bedroom or garage. When housed in drawers or cabinets, an ice cube tray offers fingertip access to bracelets and necklaces or DIY must-haves like nails and screws.

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Pull Through

Convert Dresser Drawers to Simple Underbed Storage

These repurposed drawers make use of the empty space under the bed without sacrificing style. Get the look by painting unused dresser or cabinet drawers, then adorning the drawer faces with metallic numerals. After affixing wheels to the base of the drawers, fill them with off-season clothes or extra bedding, and then roll them out of the way.

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