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8 Kids Clubhouses You Never Want to Outgrow

So many memories are made in the backyard. Every kid craves a little place of his or her own—a place to imagine and invent, plot and plan. A clubhouse is the perfect setting for all of childhood's dream making. You can buy one for the equivalent of downpayment on a car. Or, you can DIY one that's customized for your kiddo's capabilities and interests. Create a tree house, book nook, hideout, or fort—or maybe a little of each. There's a design to fit every family and physical location. Check out some of our favorite DIY clubhouse designs. Any one of them will keep the kids playing for hours.

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Swing Time


A swing set and clubhouse are what backyard dreams are made of. This DIY version is custom built for a sloped backyard, and is made of decking lumber from a big box home improvement store. There’s a childhood’s-worth of adventures to be had, secrets to be shared, and memories to be made here.

Converted Closet


Wow! Clubhouses are not just for the outdoors. The facade of this indoor playhouse is merely the entrance to a large walk-in closet, outfitted as a play room. Beadboard and banisters come together for a beautiful front porch, that leads to the fun that waits inside.

Elevated Delight


This elevated clubhouse hideaway is perfect for planning adventures, creating treasures, and even spying on the neighbors. With a slide as an escape route, and a picnic table for snacks, your kids could very well spend all day in your backyard. And when they’re not there, you can kick back to enjoy the breeze and a book.

Tree House


What kid doesn’t dream of living in a tree house? This clubhouse, built among the trees, complete with hammock, skylight, and chalkboard wall, is a kid’s real life fantasy. They just may stay out there all summer.

Backyard Getaway


With moderate woodworking experience, you can construct this sweet backyard getaway, complete with stud walls and working windows. It requires standard decking, framing, and roofing construction, and features a custom door and skylight. It’s more labor intensive than other designs, but well worth it for the result.

Adorable Annex


Built with scraps leftover from the main residence, this playhouse boasts a loft that’s just right for sleepovers. Putting the extra effort into a clubhouse interior is a small price to pay for hours of imaginative entertainment.

Secret Under Stair Hideaway


Little kids tend to gravitate to small spaces. A mini closet under the stairs is ideal real estate for a secret hideaway for reading or play. This one is decorated with bold stenciling and wall art made from dollar bin bags stretched over square canvases.

Interior Art Nook


Creating an interior art nook like this is as simple as building out two short walls on one side of a room and topping them with a little A-frame roof. The design is in the details, with beadboard and cedar shakes, bringing warmth and charm to this tiny artist’s studio.