Editors' Favorite DIYs of 2014

As the year draws to a close, take a look back with our editors as we rediscover some of the coolest, easiest, and most outrageous DIYs we've featured in 2014. Who knows—maybe one of these projects will inspire next year's greatest handmade projects!

  1. DIY Pencil Dish Rack



    Who says doing the dishes has to be boring? An old cutting board, over 50 pencil stubs, and some serious ingenuity brought together this DIY dish drainer. With the right tools, you could make your own faster than you might expect.

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  2. Geometric Doghouse



    To build this doghouse you need same skills that it takes to construct a conventional one—it only looks more complicated. The man behind Homemade Modern, Ben Uyeda, made this stylish pet bed almost entirely out of plywood. 

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  3. Cinder Block Console



    With do-it-yourselfers having spent the last few years on a repurposing binge, it was only a matter of time before they rediscovered cinder blocks, perhaps the grandaddy of all utilitarian, versatile, and readily available building materials. Here, plywood and cinder blocks combine to make shelving of beautiful simplicity.

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  4. End Table



    Emily Henderson, a veritable titan of the DIY sphere, showed how excruciatingly easy it can be to build an end table with svelte, modern lines and subdued, refined style. Though furniture stores sell similarly industrial chic pieces for hundreds of dollars, you can make your own for double-digit dollars. 

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  5. Leather Strap Shelving



    Time to ditch the boring brackets and opt for a simple but sleek look. With just a few strips of leather and a piece of wood, you can make your own shelf in a matter of hours. The best part, all those old leather belts at the bottom of your closet can finally be put to use.

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  6. Penny for Your Thoughts


    honeysweethome.blog spot.com

    Update a plain-Jane mirror for just pennies—literally. Glue coins to the existing frame (or around the perimeter of a frameless mirror), and the variegated copper tones will do the rest of the work to create a luxe statement.

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  7. Office Greenery


    Forêt Design Studio for designsponge.com

    Move over, staplers, and make room for the liveliest desktop organization: a set of terrariums. Now you can file important paperwork and books between globes of greenery. Glue mason jar lids to the wooden base of a bookend, fill the jars with moss and clippings, then seal it up to sit (and grow) in your office.

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  8. Grater Lighting



    Time and again, we saw that what's old was new again in 2014. And that's never more true than with old kitchen gadgets. Transform an old grater into a pendant light by adding a bulb and cord set—and you're done! To get the ambient light in the photo, use a low-watt or yellow bulb. 

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  9. Wheel Table


    mamiejanes.blog spot.com

    Antique lovers, this one’s for you. An old wheelchair wheel and stool were repurposed to function as the base of this one-of-a-kind industrial end table. The aged patina of the wheel peeks through the glass table top, adding further vintage charm to the piece.

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